Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hologram

The Hologram: A useful tool for communication and guidance.

The Hologram idea is simple. Every bit of the universe all exists in one point in space and time. If you cut off your finger, the DNA in the amputated part has your whole body's story encoded. The hologram is an information reception practice. Holographic data exist beyond timespace in what some like to call the noosphere, the subconscious, intuition, or even the negaverse.

The holographic universe is becoming more conspicuous to our culture through the use of the internet. Instant communications from far and wide. Knowledge available at the query. The Internet is training us to be able to understand this amount of data.
The Inca believe humanity has been subconscious and will gain full consciousness in the year 2012. This is a delightful thought!

Have you ever called a friend and they picked up as you were dialing because they just called you?
Play with it.

Think fondly of someone for a while, then send them a text. See if they could feel it. Think of a friend and what they are doing at the moment. Then call and ask.
Train yourself to allow the universal knowledge to download. See how many amazing obstacles devoured through the guidance of the hologram.

See what the travel time is from different points. For example, I felt the need to call my sister because she was talking well of me and inquiring how I was doing. So I gave her a call and mentioned my ears were burning. She confirmed that she and our mother were shopping at a store that reminded them of me. It was approximately 30 minutes prior. Sometimes I have received messages hours before the event happens, as it had already played out. A friend relayed to me how this has helped her through difficult discussions.
"I am getting fired? You already fired me and I am already over it."

Dreams. When you get to a point where you are aware of dreaming, have a preset mission you wanted to have happen. Maybe a meetup with another person. If you are both intent on meeting, see if you can achieve that in dream world. See if there are any similarities in dreams.

You will find that once you start playing with this, the effects multiply.
I recommend supplementing your hologram practice with a martial art or Qi Gong practice to attune your body to it's own story, before focusing out.

Send me a holographic ping if you get this. I will try to keep my senses open.

RAD America, RAD World.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
Mystic Knights of the Cobra
Bay Area Derailleurs
Oakland Pyrate Punkx
Can Cannibals

Freaky Baby!
Tell us what you think!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shannon Palermo on The Fun Movement

The Potential of Fun To Create Paradigm Shift
by Shannon Palermo

For the better part of nine years, from my perch in Portland, Oregon, I participated unknowingly in something kinda revolutionary. Within the biking community, we started calling it "The Fun Movement". That's what we called folks collaborating, networking, and making the city better using fun as a means. Stuff like: Zoobomb, the bicycle dance revolution, Pedalpalooza, March Fourth, Velomutations, Show Me the Pink, Chunkathalon, punk shows, midnight mystery rides, street art. I observed fun (for a lack of a better word) & its ability to wake people up in a prescribed world of apathy and fun's ability to create vibrant community. Over the years, I started asking questions about the The Fun Movement's potential to create paradigm shift. I've tried to organize my observations & reflections on this subject. I don't claim to have all the answers or to be any sort of expert on The Fun Movement. My reflections are governed by my social location & I am a layman in these matters. Regardless, here are my thoughts on The Fun Movement's potential to create paradigm shift.

In order to understand the potential of "The Fun Movement", we must first understand our own cultural lens. Fun is all fine and dandy when your belly isn't hungry. Here in North America, we have enjoyed privilege beyond the comprehension of most people living on this earth. In our privileged culture, we have a level of complacency & no real need to fight back against the injustices. Desperation doesn't motivate us to take to the streets. Fun! is quite possibly the best tool we have against apathy here in the "developed" world. It is my opinion that in a privileged culture, fun is a people power rousing tool.

I'd like to further explore social location and juxtapose that North America with what I refer to as "RAD America". This is a short tangent that I think is VERY relevant to understanding fun's potential for paradigm shift. Different from America, I believe RAD America is made up of North, Central, and South America. It is home to art warehouse collectives, folks living sustainably, people taking to the streets, floating art armadas, sweaty basements, farmers standing up for their rights, workers taking over factories. I am a Rad American. We are the people who, despite the luxury of complacency or not, are fighting back. Although we don't have solidarity with a lot of what people identify the word "America" with, we have mad solidarity with each other & we know we aren't alone.

Here is a little example of the power of fun to get people off their asses. October 24th, 2009 was a global day of action around climate change in anticipation of the Copenhagen Climate Talks. 15,000 people took to the streets in Ethiopia, 200 actions took place in China & there were 181 countries that participated all on the same day. It was impressive on a global scale. Barely a blip on the Portland radar, I walked home from the local rally & ran into a HUGE zombie ride. The zombie ride was just for fun. Happened to be the same day and downtown as well. The zombies outnumbered the progressives at least 3 to 1. So I suppose the lesson to be learned here is that the troops WILL rally if there is fun. Seems fun appeals to people, however uncomfortable it might be to admit, more than global issues of climate change. If not for sheer numbers, then for the immediate need we have for a more tolerant compassionate world, we could use fun to bring the people to the streets!

So, as a Rad American, what can you do with "fun"? Can you dress her up and take her on adventures with you? Why yes, yes you can!

Fun is for kids!
Want to engage the wee ones with your revolutionary agendas? Yup, this is the SECRET: Interject it with FUN!

Reclaim public space!
Take to the streets! It gives you a perspective on location, urban planning, infrastructure, and nature. Go on a full moon night & you'll get an extra dash of magic! Getting people out of their day to day & providing them with fun in the streets is perhaps a means of bringing people not only together, but together with radical intention.

Art as advocacy!
The message lingers more poignantly through art. Folks love entertainment, specially in a "developed" country. Is it enjoyable, maybe even fun? For example, I helped start and maintain an all-female syncronized mini-bike dance team for the past 5 years. Named The Sprockettes, we choreograph dances to songs using bikes and bike thematic elements. We perform in all sorts of settings including pavement, asphalt, dirt, grassy fields, & dance floors. The spectacle of a Sprockettes' performance continues to be wildly popular & well received. Besides entertaining audiences, The Sprockettes represent a message of female empowerment, sustainable transportation, positive life living, & community. Twirling, balancing, and laughing our message resonates with our audience without ever saying a word. Inevitably after every show, we get what we call "testimonials" - declarations from people moved by the bigger ideas our collective and our performance embodies. Put the revolution in your art. Entertain Me! I'm a first world lady that wants to have Fun!

Positive life living!
The biggest complaint with "activism" today is its focus on the negative. Fun interjected into your "thing" can more easily adopt a positive message. For example, instead of protesting outside the Home Depot, you could put on a dance that highlights a message using their huge shopping carts. The funner, the better. Reflect a positive message with fun. Furthermore, any spectacle that is fun or funny will engage & gather crowds.

Compassion reigns or the universality of fun!
There is a universal element to fun. It can supercede other things that might otherwise separate folks, and instead connect people on a deeper level. Foster an environment where there is an even playing field and you'll motivate compassion & responsibility to fellow participants. Not to dumb-down the point I'm trying to make, but even a baby laughs at a fart. Laughing is pretty contagious. Funny is really fun. There are some things, no matter how banal, that are just straight up universal. The human connections that a "fun" environment can nurture are unique. At least I think they are. I've also observed that the human connections made through "having a good time" can be augmented with physical activity. There is a camaraderie that is adopted when you play a game of ball, hike, race, go through an obstacle courses & even make love!

Subverting the dominant paradigm!
Use a good dose of "fun" to remind folks that real life cannot be found on a screen, that the moon goes in cycles, that the seasons offer different wisdoms, and that the real fun isn't at a bar or spending money even!

In a nutshell:

Fun as a revolutionary tool works in what is commonly referred to as "developed" countries. This is to our advantage because the "developed" countries & the big money industries they engender are, in fact, responsible for a lot of the world's injustices. Using "fun" in light of these observations could help push us, the people, in a direction to take to the streets. As Rad Americans, we're the lucky ones. We get to fight with fun, love and light instead of out of desperation.
I hope you'll interject the inclusive wisdom of The Fun Movement into your life, projects, and events! You want to make a little splash in the world on the side of righteousness & truth? Seriously consider street theater, synchronized dance, leading a bike ride, hosting a pillow fight on the light-rail, free art. Think "Fun". Hell, think "funny"! I don't know what to say. It seems to work.

Long Live The Fun Movement!

Here are two quotes ruling my world right now that I hope will inspire you:
"You can't clean it up until you make a mess"
----> Tracy & The Plastics
"Stand up & be counted with all the rest"
----> Nina Simone

Shannon Palermo
stayhidden AT gmail dot com

Bike seat BIKE!

Life could be oh! so sweet!
This dude would probably be our friends if we were in the same hemisph~era.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Derailleurs were featured in a song by Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits entitled "Freaky Baby".

It's an epic punk booty rap song.



2Live Crew x Blatz

Buy it here:

and come to the Record Release show on Friday Sept. 24th

@ The Uptown in Oakland

Gunna be off the chain!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair Raising Adventures!

Bicycle Music Festival

Come see the Derailleurs bust out of our cocoon on July 31st at:
The Bicycle Music Festival!

The Bike Music Fest is a traveling showcase of awesome bands and self-powered sound systems.
The Derailleurs will be unveiling a new song we have been crafting for a year! (OMG!)
I just want you to try and fathom the Moving CrabDragon! You can't~!

Monday, June 21, 2010

3 new Bikedance Teams!

I am proud to announce three new bikedance teams in the USA!
Please give a warm bikebell ring to:
Heelz on Wheelz from NYC!

Greasy Gears from Madison, Wisconsin!

and a troupe is now being formed in Austin, Texas.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Closed for Total Rethink: Oil Actions this weekend in SF

Friday, June 11th, 2010 a group of community actioneers converged on the Fell street Arco station, a subsidiary of BP, with signs and plants.
Their mission was to stop commerce for even a moment in the wake of the unstoppable oil leak.
They armed themselves with trees and plants, and thoughts enscribed on signs about the trio of problems culminating on the corner of Fell and Divisadero. Their three laments were the environmental disaster in the gulf, the rate of consumption of oil products by our society, and the dangerous traffic inflicting the bike lane on the main Fell st arterial.

They managed to stop commerce and block the entrance for 3 hours.

First Hand Accounts of the Protest:

About the Bike Lane Dangers:
Dude Where's my Bike Lane?

My next update will be about the HAIR RAISING Party that kicked butt.

Hair Booms Are IN!!
Get your local salons to gather their shampooed hair for boom stuffing.
Sign up for Matter of Trust (
*This will boost the political body of a renewable resource that is #1 in oil absorbency! Sign up even if you don't collect hair. This is a numbers game.
Make hair booms to send directly to affected areas.
The more we soak up, the less there is to deal with.
BP is the criminal in charge of the crime scene.
We will not stand by and wait for an apology.

*****More HAIR RAISING efforts will be coming soon. This is an ongoing scheme. The Derailleurs are streamlining information and relief efforts. More to be announced soon. Send any volunteer ideas to us. bayareaderailleurs(at)gmail dot com*******

How to make a Hair Boom:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Derailleurs Polo Video!!!!


You do not have to feel helpless about this Gulf Oil Geyser.
One pound of hair soaks up a quart of oil in one minute. has organized an international hair recycling progam and has over 20 wearhouses along the gulf dedicated to making hair booms.
They have been organizing with local governments to make sure the areas’ needs are met despite the pledge by BP to facilitate the cleaning efforts.

The coastline needs your hair!

Local salons are teaming up with The Bay Area Derailleurs for a Hair Drive.

Come out and party for the cause!
Get a new hairdo for summer.
Contact your local barbershop and get them to collect hair for

Let’s use renewable resources on this catastrophe instead of the polycarbon based products they are using now.Together we will send a bunch of boomable material to where it is needed most!

BBQ, Double Dutch, BEER, and get a free punk cd if you choose a mowhak. Come get your FADE on, baby!!!!

No haircut needed to attend. Even if you aren’t due for a doo, come eat some food and meet other folks on a sounding ground for future actions. Stuff hair into nylons, be a hero!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:!/event.php?eid=106747839373278&ref=ts

Ten minute bike ride from the Mission district
Easiest bike route: -Head south on Mission
-Left on Cortland (go over hill)
-Right on Bayshore (1 block)
-Left on Industrail (1 block)
-STOP–>250 Loomis at Industrial (on corner)
Alternate secret route: Potrero to Cesar Chaves-left onto sidewalk-follow pink lines under the bridge and on more sidewalk. Left on Jerrold at Bayshore. Take next right and go straight until you hit 250 Loomis at Industrial. Follow the pink arrows!
#9 bus stop–> Bayshore and Cortland

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News from the Gulf Coast

A friend who is working with Matter of Trust is urging people to call and request that BP utilize their hightly effective efforts.

From Summer Burkes:
"BP rep Randy Prescott's office phone number is (713) 323-4093 and his email is Give him a call or send him an email telling him that BP needs to "let" (grr) Matter of Trust supplement their ineffectual and largely cosmetic "cleanup" operation with the 20 warehouses full of hair boom we've got stockpiled so far around the Gulf... See More Coast, with more hair and pantyhose being collected every day. Sounds low-tech, but it's God's design - hair, fur, and fleece hold oil better than anything else!

All we need is access to their dumpsters / incinerators and some gas money, and then the Cajun Navy is ready to go! Imagine: hair boom in crab-traps built into protective levee walls... hair boom rolled into netting and wrapped around boats that skim through oily water ... hair boom in shrimp nets, and shrimpers trawling for crude, like an "oil Zamboni." We have the answers on how to protect the marsh; BP is not hearing us so we have to tell them more loudly and more often. Please take a minute to call and email -- the fate of Louisiana and the world's oceans rides on this! Please repost to everyone you know!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

De-fund Irreversible Catastrophe

My mother left back home, but not before giving me a sticker that said:

I thought this sentiment sums up my feelings toward the oil spill in the Gulf.

I called the White House today.
Yeah, this 28 year old artsit punk got civicly involved.
And it felt SO GOOD!

I urge you to do it as well.
Take a moment while you are waiting on hold to jot down your talking points.
I put the phone on speaker to wait for the cute old lady volunteer to answer.
She said, "Okay, I'll pass along your comment to Obama."

White House Comment Line:
202-456-1111 m-f 9-5

ALSO, Friday May 14th 5pm <----
***International Day of Mourning/Action for against offshore Oil Drilling***
Wear a burka at a gas station.
Dress up like a bird covered in oil.
Do a "Cease and Desisit" tap dance in front of an oil company HQ.
Get Creative!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Executing selfishness.

It has been 23 days since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and has been releasing 210,000 gallons per day of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The New York Times stated that the spill might take weeks or MONTHS to stop. The government doesn't oversee safety regulations on these oil drilling platforms. It is up to the company to follow the spirit of the law.

The Earth is hemorrhaging oil from a brutal assault by one of the worlds richest companies. In April BP announced extreme monetary gains from rising oil prices. The heads of this and similar oil companies are amassing the worlds' wealth.

This is at the expense of our life and pursuit of happiness. Fishing companies are experiencing mandatory shut-downs. Children are being poisoned. Dolphins and sealife are washing up on shore. Future health problems from this pollution will result in the form of cancer, deformities, diseases and premature death. What are the repercussions of burning the seas?

I can't sleep properly. I feel that 70% of me is becoming poisoned. I feel the black shadow clawing it's way through my stomach and spreading like cancer into my blood stream.

I see people all day, driving alone in their cars, throwing their things in the back seat. Unhappy about the days duties. Disgusted with the commercials on the radio. Unhappy about the impending traffic and price of gas. Annoyed with the sneaky bikers in their blind spots.
Contributing to the worldwide need to go faster and get there quicker. Wanting to change things but just accepting that "this is how it works".

UNAWARE that it just might be over very soon.
No, the world will not end. Not in the slightest. The crusts might shift, the atmosphere might change, the chaotic patterns of nature might shift. This round sphere, the source of our life, is not going anywhere. But we are poisoning ourselves quicker than you can say "pharmaceutical".

Waterways are all connected. They are the bloodstreams of the earth. The nature of water is to constantly be moving around exchanging ions with other water particles. This open action means that one water molecule can travel and become part of another one somewhere else. You can dump a body in the deep water table reservoirs in Austin TX, and it will end up going though an underground water tunnel and come out in the gulf. So, will the oily gulf water show up in Austin TX?
How would you feel if your tap water spit black? How long until you could get it back?

They are still cleaning up residue from the Exxon-Valdez spill in Prince Williams Sound, 20 YEARS LATER!!!


This is a call to action. This is a PLEAD for action!!!!
What can you do?

1. Contact local and federal government and demand responsibility.


SF Department of the Environment: (415) 355-3700

Nancy Pelosi:

Washington, D.C. Office:

235 Cannon House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-0508
Phone: (202) 225-4965
Fax: (202) 225-8259

2. Cut your hair and send it to to be made into oil soaking booms for the cleanup action. Organize a hair drive in your area.
Contact hairdressers and set up a box for clean hair. Hair is THE most effective oil soaking product. Industry has been using petroleum based products to clean up petroleum. At a 30% success rate. This is idiotic.
For all the times you were able to fly in a plane, drive in a car, or drink from a plastic bottle, cut a strand of hair. Send the hair to the frontlines. Show the earth that you are thankful for the bounty it has shared with you.

3. BOYCOTT oil products including gasoline, plastics, and fertilizers.
This is hard. This is impossible. But like the bus boycotts of the Civil Rights Movement, we need to make an economic impact in order to make a difference. You better believe that people of color still needed to get to work, they just found other ways. Be creative.

4. Spread the word. Tell someone if this environmental disaster bothers you. Don't be quiet about your thoughts. We need to affect change in every nook and cranny of our society. The more we realize how many people aren't satisfied with the safety regulations on oil drilling platforms and environmental responsibility, the more we turn that into a social credo. You would be surprised to know how many people see eye to eye.

We are responsible for this.
Our children will inherit this problem.
We are capable of making change happen.

We are working on our selfishness and greed because it does not serve us or our community.
Radical change must happen immediately.

We will not sit back idly while our future is severely at stake.

Executing selfishness is a double entendre.
Execute selfishness by demanding that the world be yours to inhabit.
Execute the part of your life that relies on selfishness. Cut out your selfish ways.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oil Spill Blues HAIR drive

We are feeling polluted by this oil spill and want to do more.
It makes us sick to our stomache.
We wish we could help.
So we are sending ourselves, in the form of hair.
Our little guys will march to the frontlines and oversee a rebalancing.

In the native american tradition, before picking a plant for use, you offer a few strands of hair as an offering. This shows your respect for your gift and your willingness to give back from what you are taking.

We are grateful for the gift of life on this planet, therefore we give ourselves to mediate this frightful BP oil spill.

We are encouraging you get a fresh new summer 'do and send your clippings to:
Matter Of Trust

Facebook site:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Come ride with The Derailleurs on our adventure we planned just for you!
Sat. May 1st
Dolores Park Bell

Bring a bag and some form of camera.
Extra Points for team colors.
No team necessary.
$5 entry--> goes to winners and MOMcon.
easy to medium ride.
Not punishment, FUNishment!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another side project here.
We are bringing our mothers together for Mother's Day weekend.
If you like the idea, feel free to donate at the blogspot.

Dear Madam / Sir,

We are writing to request your support for Mom Convention 2010, the first Annual Mother’s Day Convention to take place May 7th-9th.

Mom Convention 2010 will be a massive celebration of the women who gave birth to us. A large group of friends who make up a community of amazing people with endless talents, skills, and fun would like to invite our mothers (and our mothers' mothers) to San Francisco, CA for the weekend of Mothers Day. Our theory is that if we all have such a great time together, our moms will too. Many friends will be made and many stories will be told! In order to make this happen, we are having a benefit party in the very near future to pay for plane tickets for the Mothers who are otherwise unable to make it to San Francisco. We would also like to accommodate the traveling moms in all the best ways possible. This will include lodging, food & drink, and activities such as a pampering spa day or a trip to the countryside. MomCon organizers are requesting donations from local establishments and individual contributors to help facilitate this wonderful weekend. This event will bring young and old together to celebrate our collective existence and break down the social barriers that sometimes create a rift between parents and offspring. Our hope is that MomCon will serve as a reminder to never take anything for granted, that life is beautiful, and friends and family are the backbone of our lives. Mom Convention2010 will be documented as a film and long-term hopes are that people will be inspired to join the Mom movement and host conventions all over the world, annually. We would like to mention that we also have utmost respect for our fathers, but we must now honor the strength it must have taken these amazing women to bring us into the world. In the future, we will create a similar appreciation day for the Dads. Any and all contributions are requested to help us facilitate this fabulous weekend with our moms.

Thank you for your support! Please contact us at any time.

Jamie Bond

Eliza Strack

momconvention2010 (at) gmail (dot) com

Facebook: MomConvention Moms Rule

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoughts on Chat Roulette

This Saturday Show Me The Pink (my silly named band that is having a reunion) will be broadcasting our show on ChatRoulette. If you are over 16 and can handle accidently seeing human anatomy, come try and find us. Is there any possibility? Can it be done? That is what we are setting out to discover.
This phenom of ChatRoulette has got my mind soaring a thousand miles away. The implications of this is astounding. According to a 30 year study at Princeton, PEAR, people can affect their environmental surroundings. They sat people in front of a random number generator and told them to predict the next number. They found that the ones most successful (yes it can be done-the hologram) were the ones who were full of love. In love with life or someone in particular. So my theory here is that using ChatRoulette, a random chat room generator, we can think who we want to meet with, and succeed. This might take 30 years to fully conquer, but time and development are zooming up faster than we would care to admit.
So if we broadcast a house show with a room full of sweaty, happy people, fresh from an exhilarating day of bicycle battle, you, who may also have bike/show/party love within, could find us if you thought possible.
ChatRoulette is a safe place for any adult social scene. No matter who you are. There is finally a frontier that celebrities, politicians, and creepy dudes can all be face-to-face, in a personal setting, without danger. There is no harm in the facetime, and if there is, NEXT! It is also a good way to take the most objective polls because you have no idea who you will talk to and what they could think. It is a way to wrap your mind around the trends without personal interest in mind. It exposes the raw realness and curiosity of humanity. It is closer to the idea of the hologram and melding dreams with reality. Say you were one of the people that randomly stumbled upon Ben Folds' Concert and 2,000 people were staring at you all of a sudden. Isn't that the most surreal dream-like reality? How can we use this tool to create such a world.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why do I cry when I watch movies like this?

Cute Dorky Artistic Cycling

Beauty and the Bike

This is a teaser for a movie that deals with teenagers and the mental mindset concerning cycling. It is a great dive into te public psyche that we are confronting as bicycle advocates.

Video from Gacharinco!

I must say I am jealous about how much room they have.
I was also extremely surprised to hear their choice of music.
This just warms my heart!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Little Moments That Make a Difference

A tribute to instances that affect our lives.
by Jamie Bond and Eliza Strack

* Today I was walking home and it looked like a 60 year old Italian woman in a wheelchair was spare-changing because of the guy in front of me disregarding her. I walked past prepared to give her an easy dollar in my back pocket. Instead, she was asking to be pushed a block ahead. The sun was shining and I said,"Of course!" I can't imagine why the fellow in front of me passed up the opportunity.
I wheeled her to the dollar store, stopping along the way to bypass a puddle in the walkway. (One of her feet was dragging, and that is what stopped us.) She had us enter the store backwards, as if she did it herself. We didn't talk much, she just thanked me.
When I got home, my roommate instantly asked me if I had just saved someone. I was shocked and asked her why. She said it was the way I jumped up the stairs. I told her she was reading the hologram correctly. -->ES

* Recently, I briefly stopped by a friends house to drop something off. Their kid that was playing in the other room ran out as I was leaving to give me a single tissue for my bike so I would'nt slip because it was raining. So thoughtful. -->JB

* I get a sweet satisfaction with signaling in traffic, on my bike. I have been adding flare to it lately. Taking in the 3 seconds before turning rule, I add a follow through and final flare. Very reminiscent of Fosse. And hold. Lately I have been riding with no hands as much as I can. It's part of my program to become a better German-style bike dancer. At a stoplight recently, while I was practicing my no-hands-geared-bike-trackstand, a fixie rider on the other side of the road congratulated me. I was so thankful to have broken the silence/social stigma barrier of the fixie culture by having one of them acknowledge my existence. I felt like the small bike bubbles this city has were bursting and joining.--->ES

* Last week I was at a local brewpub with my brother enjoying a nice stout beer. Half way through the tasty beverage, I noticed a cute little fruit fly going for a swim. Brave little fellow was'nt the least bit worried about getting swallowed alive by a thirsty giant. He must have known the appropriate glass to pick. I found out that it is proven that fruitflies have alcoholic tendencies. I fished him out and put him on a dry coaster where he shook off and then buzzed away. For the rest of the beer, I marveled at how such a small little fly and someone like me have something in common. -->JB

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Bombshells:

The Cheesepuffs:

Jessie Roadkill:

The Nerv:



What: Variety Show featuring Punk Rock, Burlesque, and Booty Shaking with proceeds funding The Derailleurs bike dance tour.

When: Jan. 30th

Where: The Box Factory 865 Florida #1

How Much: $7

Additional Info:

The Bay Area Derailleurs present MINI BIKE CABARET, a multi-media art and dance extravaganza featuring peers, friends, and supporters of the bicycle dance movement on Saturday, January 30, at 9 P.M. at The Box Factory 865 Florida #1 @ 21st. Tickets are $7. For more info, visit The evening will feature dance performances by the Derailleurs, the Bombshells (punk rock burlesque), and the Cheese Puffs (lounge burlesque); live music by The Nerv (hard hitting, straightforward inspirational punk), Jessie Roadkill (quirky singer-songwriter), and Tongue and Teeth (haunting and passionate); dance music by DJs Zelko (of Kafana Balkan), Miss Rowdy (booty), and Mega Bitch (more booty); an art show, film screenings, and the release of the Derailleurs’ bike-themed coloring book.

The Derailleurs are one of 12 dance teams around the world who focus on the bike as a symbol of affection on the dance floor. They are taking their hip-hop and jazz flavor with a suicide girl twist on the road to Portland and Reno for mutant bike events in February. They have been working hard on an upcoming feature film and will be showing the trailer for the audience. Along with writing scenes and choreographing, they have been drawing for the release the Derailleurs Activity Book featuring imaginative drawings and informative bicycle anatomy, available for $5.

The team garnered media attention last year when co-founder Hollis Hawthorne was in a major motorcycle accident in India. They raised $100,000 in three weeks to help fly her home via air ambulance. They have been trudging through this year to stay together and stay productive in honor of their fallen leader.

The group’s mission is to promote the bicycle as transportation, art medium, and tool for personal empowerment through creative, athletic, and humorous dance on, with, and about the bicycle.

Jessie Roadkill is a singer/songwriter known for her work with the Stars and Garters performance troupe. She is also a well know staple at Amnesia Bar with the most entertaining and creative Karaoke performances know to man. She is witty and comical and brings it hard with her fantasy lands emerging from her guitar and ukelele strings.

The Nerv are hard-hitting, highly animated, political pleaders. They tell it like it is and the singer's vocals are powerful and clear. They are hellbent on revolution with a healthy apetite for positive change.

Tongue and Teeth are writhing and haunting banshee dance trio along the lines of Grass Widow.

Dj Zeljko has been packing the dancefloor for years with the eastern European-flavored Kafana Balkan parties. He is known for his Gypsy-phillic jams, and this party he will be delving into his transworld punk fusions.

Djs Mega Bitch and Miz Rowdy make the booty shake. They are well sought after for their club-hits meet art warehouse style. Expect heavy bass and big sounds that haven't been autotuned. These ladies will keep you on the dancefloor till closing time.

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