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Bike Porn and Bike Polo?


www. BIKESMUT. com

****VENUE CHANGE:*********
Oakland showing is Tommorrow (SAT) 29th
@ LOBOT Gallery

8pm Showing Begins
10pm Bike Polo

oldie but goodie:

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The Derailleurs agent Defbriefing:


Roll Call:

Agent Chaos began her career in bikedance five years ago as a co-founder of The Sprockettes, in Portland, OR. A year ago she moved to the Bay Area to achieve the "next level" of artistic and social experiments. After constant urging from roommate Agent Verve, they together began another chapter of the bicycle-dance phenomenon. Agent Chaos sees the first roots of a worldwide participation in this new avenue of expression and hopes it continues and graduates to many levels of difficulty and excellence.

Agent Verve, born and raised in the deep South, was always searching for something MORE in the performance world. Getting her degree in Performing Arts was not enough. She traveled the U.S. and abroad looking for home and found it in the Bay Area. She has taken an active role in the evolution of the Dérailleurs by choreographing, coordinating, and crafting this unique alter-genre to introduce to the world bike dance and create more bike advocacy in a car-infested country.

Agent Flux is an avid bicyclist who moved to San Francisco from Portland, OR one year ago. She thrives on art and social change, all forms of dance and creative expression, travel, nature, whiskey, spontaneity and unconventionalism. She fell in love with The Sprockettes when she first landed in PDX, and was thrilled to realize the bike dance revolution would be spreading down the west coast. She joined The Dérailleurs at the very beginning and can't wait to see where they end up.

Agent DoubleOO loves bikes, loves dancing, and loves the ladies! With an enormous appreciation for the lucky lives that we live, Double OO is constantly in search of ways to maximize the daily fun, inspiration, and motivation. Referred to at home as the Polymath, she attempts to sponge up as much information possible on widely varying topics. In addition, she will double dutch jump rope any time and anywhere, rescue and plant as many plants as possible, and eat the hell out of some tamales. When DoubleOO met the Sprockettes and B:C:Clettes in SF the summer of 2007, her life was changed forever in one of the best ways imaginable.

Agent Contrary started with the Derailleurs in March of 2008. Her spicy Latina background has influences from Capoeira, breakdancing, and fire dancing. She lights up the crowd with the fire in her eyes and in her sass. She spends her week teaching Anatomy and taking care of plants for a nursery. She thrives on community, friendships, family, art, and alternative ways of thinking. She looks forward to influencing people to become more envoriomentally educated through the medium of bikedance and performing for varied audiences.

Agent Joke Star! rides a unicycle and loves to dance. So when she heard The Dérailleurs were interested in having her dance with the troop she was all like, "hail-zzz yeah!!" She felt so honored. The very thought of having beautiful, powerful women of all types incorporating bikes of all sorts into a spectacular whirlwind extravaganza was pure genius.

Agent Agitator began dancing with the Dérailleurs in June 2008. Agitator believes in the power of artists coming together as a collective creating new work in the fields of dance, music, and art. She is a dedicated bicycle enthusiast and supports the cultural bicycle community through service and advocacy. The Cyclecide bus journey to PDX to perform and converse with like-minded groups gave her a sense of clarity and heightened her determination to move forward with the bicycle dance movement.

Agent Take the Lane! witnessed the very first Sprockettes performance at the Multnomoah County Bike Fair in 2004 while living in Portland. She moved to San Francisco spring 2008 and saw The Dérailleurs first San Francisco performance at ArtSF and wanted to become part of this inspiring bike phenomena. As a bicycle activist and urban planner she is proud to be part of what she sees as a way to strengthen the bicycle community by building bike culture and the image of the bicycle/cyclists as fun and sexy machines!

Agent Edge has been part of the Dérailleurs for over six weeks. She joined to encourage the masses to be part of the bike culture movement. She is a cookie-eating vegan who enjoys edgy music and Japanese culture: count on seeing Agent Edge in neon colors! Agent Edge always eats brussel sprouts before performances to posi up.

All photos not possible without the gracious donation by Alicia Sangiuliano.

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Article on 2012 doesn't ask the questions, or answer them...

Shift happens

Will 2012 bring the end of the world as we know it?

By Meghan McCloskey


Since the beginning of the presidential campaign, Americans have been bombarded with one big concept summed up in one little word: change.

It was Barack Obama's slogan from day one and represented many people's hope for the future, an idea that so appeals to beleaguered Americans that the Republicans eventually adopted it as well. Both parties recognized that the country would have to make big adjustments to salvage the economy, environment, schools, and health care system.

They each cited factors that point to the big changes that are coming — but they didn't mention a huge one that has been bearing down on our species for nearly 5,200 years: the colossal transformation of solar system and our collective psyche that the ancient Mayans and their modern day supporters believe will take place Dec. 21, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end.

Erick Gonzalez, founder and spiritual leader of Earth Peoples United, a nonprofit organization that works to bridge indigenous values with modern society, says the event will deeply disturb our minds and bodies here on earth. Nearly 300 people from around the world gathered Oct. 31-Nov. 2 during a 2012 conference at Fort Mason Center.

Some enthusiasts predict an apocalypse, while others foresee a shift in human awareness. Yet they all believe that big change is coming.

The Mayan calendar was developed by ancient astronomers who concluded that Dec. 21 was the sun's birthday, noting that the winter solstice marked the beginning of the sun's return from around the world.

Gonzalez, who has been studying Mayan culture for 33 years, says Dec. 21, 2012 will be a monumental birthday for our sun, when it will shift to the dead center of the Milky Way galaxy, on the galactic equator, for the first time.

The Mayans believed this was the precise spot where the sun — and all life — was created. Followers of the ancient theory claim the Milky Way will give birth to a new sun and a new galactic cycle on this day, marking the beginning of our world's transformation.

"For the Maya, this is like the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve," said philosopher Roderick Marling, a Tantric yoga teacher who has spent the last 36 years researching yoga meditation and expanding consciousness, in addition to writing numerous papers on religion, mythology, history, and archeology. "The galactic clock will be set at zero point, and a new processional cycle will begin," he said.

As our planets shift overhead, believers say our awareness of the Earth, political issues, and each other will also change. Conference co-organizer Christian Voltaire says many of the changes in 2012 will be tangible, such as revising our current financial model or switching to alternative fuels. He points to former presidential candidate Ron Paul, who advocated for extreme change in monetary policy — abolishing the IRS and the Federal Reserve, for example — and Obama, who has pushed for transforming the economy with green jobs. "They're at least conscious of the fact that something has to change," he says. "And, as we've been told by our prophesies, change is coming."

But skeptics have their doubts. Wouldn't we be pushing for green energy anyway? And how could the shifting planets cause the financial meltdown — or even the actual meltdown of our polar ice caps? University of Florida anthropologist Susan Gillespie says the theory is a media myth and nothing more. Susan Milbrath, author of Star Gods of the Maya: Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars and curator of Latin American art and archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, believes it's unlikely the Mayans could have predicted such events.

Believers remain undeterred. Last Gasp Books employee and conference attendee Eliza Strack says her 2012 obsession started as an innocent topic of conversation many years ago. She believes alternate realms of existence and multiple dimensions of time could collide, allowing us to access our past, present, and future in one moment. "We spend a quarter of our lives in a dream state where alternate realities are playing themselves out," Strack says. Gonzalez backs her up, arguing that the alignment of the sun in 2012 will create a powerful magnetic force, and human protons and electronic will react to it.

Lifelong Mayan researcher John Major Jenkins, who has written several books on 2012, brings up the possibility of the sun inverting the earth's magnetic fields. But according to Vincent H. Malmström, professor emeritus of geography at Dartmouth College, there's no hard evidence to support Strack's claim. Besides, how could a magnetic pull bring our dreamlike realities to life? Malmström writes in his paper The Astronomical Insignificance of Maya Date ( "It would seem that Jenkins has advanced our understanding of the Maya from the sublime to the ridiculous."

Although we have four years before the astral shift, Voltaire says it's crucial to hold 2012 conventions now. "The weekend before the election carries a vibration of anticipation of the future. We wanted to connect with that." The Southern Californian didn't know much about the 2012 theory before last March, but he says he's constantly alert and keeps a subtle ear out.

"I kept hearing the subject of 2012 in my consciousness — at events, on the radio, at yoga class," he says. "Everyone was talking about it." After making a few phone calls, he partnered with 2012 author and filmmaker Jay Weidner, a native Oregonian who has been studying the subject for nearly 20 years. Sponsored by Weidner's company Sacred Mysteries Live, they organized their first convention in Hollywood in March 2008 and were blown away by the response.

Their conference last weekend was even bigger. With interactive panels and community circles, participants could share their ideas about 2012. Voltaire and Weidner say it represents something different for everyone: change, chaos — even beauty. In the midst of it all, the organizers premiered 2012-themed films and documentaries that filmmakers submitted along with an entry fee of — $20.12.

The conference also offered critical analyses of some related prophecies: the Mayans, Tibetan Buddhists, Incas, and the mysterious Cross of Hendaye. They lived in different times, and had different notions about the events that would take place around 2012. Conference organizers say Inca texts prophesized "a world turned upside-down" around that year, while Tibetan Buddhists predicted the mythical city of Shanballad would be constructed at the end of the current era.

Voltaire says the Cross of Hendaye — a 400-year-old monument in the coastal town of Hendaye, France — holds the key to the paradigm. The cross was first described in the 1926 book The Mystery of the Cathedrals, written by an alchemist named Fulcanelli. In 1995, before learning of the 2012 stories, Weidner was hooked on this book. He worked for years to decipher the messages behind the cross, deconstructing a Latin inscription carved into its top, and finally claims to have discovered its meaning: "It represents a world crisis that will end this time period.

There's exactly one presidential term left before the end of this time period, which has witnessed everything from financial crises to homelessness to global warming. But will a new era end the problems of the current one? It's hard to imagine how thousands of San Francisco's poorest residents will acquire homes, or how our ozone layer will suddenly thicken.

After rifling through more books, Weidner says he discovered another secret behind the cross: that the Earth's greatest changes will take place between 1992 and 2012. During that time so far, we've seen the birth the Internet, economic globalization and overextension, mass extinctions and global warming, terrorism and imperial hubris, exploding populations and rising discontent, and the end of the age of oil coming into sight. Then again, 20 years is a long time and life moves fast these days, with or without a mystical cross.

Nevertheless, since his supposed discoveries, Weidner has written two books and one film about the Cross of Hendaye's secrets. In addition to a simpler belief that attributes a natural, geological pattern to these changes, three other prophecies predict some version of disaster or shift around 2012. Weidner admits this could be an incredible coincidence, but he thinks we should be aware of today's experiences anyway. "There's no doubt this is one of the most incredible time periods in human history."

While no one knows what will go down Dec. 21, 2012, Strack likes to put a positive spin on the brewing events. She wonders if 2013 will bring sweet-smelling city air, friendly neighbors, and tricycles for old folks to ride to the grocery store. After all, who believes that a shift in consciousness would be a bad thing?

Many followers even look forward to the date and equate it with the second coming of Christ, when they will be blessed with knowledge and euphoria. "Those are the happy thoughts," Strack says. "Yin-yang that shit and you find the darkest, most terrifying possibilities." She says she has had multiple apocalyptic dreams, leading her to ponder World War III, death, chaos, betrayal, and everything else that could hit the fan in 2012.

This sort of anxiety has led some people to use the term "doomsday" when describing the last day of the Mayan calendar. Although the theory has no solid academic backing, it is catching on. YouTube hosts countless videos of asteroids striking earth, tsunamis, tornados, and incidents of chaos linked to the date. Many devotees are preparing for hell on earth. But Voltaire says 2012 isn't all about doom and gloom. "Our prophecies are about facing the facts and bringing up new ideas, acknowledging indigenous cultures of the past and present and truly listening to what they have to say, not brushing them off."

During our country's time of change, we may not have heard many full-blown prophecies coming to pass, but we have all witnessed powerful people raising fresh ideas, such as rapidly shifting to new energy sources, developing international standards of human rights and controls on the use of force, and attacking poverty and disease worldwide. Like the 2012 followers, we're listening and trying to remain open-minded.

If you chose to listen — to the prophecies or the new president — you might ask yourself how you're supposed to prepare for the future. Voltaire says that "if you're conscious of the changes, you'll be able to roll with them, like if you're in the ocean swimming with the tide. But if you're unconscious and you suddenly wake up, it'll be a lot harder to deal with."

Voltaire and Weidner say that our president will need to prepare too. They think that for him to be successful, he will have to address issues such as green energy and global warming brought forth at the 2012 conference.

Whether we're believers or not, our country's in for some big changes, whatever the solar alignment.

Wednesday November 5, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Please Please convince your parents to vote for OBAMA!!

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VEER Movie trailer!!!

A couple years ago there were these cameras that followed around The Sprockettes and some other bike folks. Now the movie will be coming out and I can't wait to see it!
Here is a little sneak peek at the newest documentary on radical biking,

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Small Movements: A Sprockettes documentary.

Nicky Robaire put this short film together and you can catch it through the Bicycle Film Festival.
I cried.

Small Movements
approx 7min.

Small Movements from Nickey Robo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

This sat. I was expecting an overnight package from LA that cost 63$. We left a note for the mailperson to knock loud or call me. I thought that would work. We set the alarms for 10. they should be there around 11 we heard. We go downstairs at 10:30 and there is a blasted pinkslip.
"Package avail. for pickup on Tues. Sept. 2nd."
We needed that afternoon.
Not good enough.
Called the number on the back.
Sob story deadline didn't work.
Unless we knew the mailguys route.
"Can you give us his route?" Hell no.
OK. Are you sure? ok. Really? Bye.

I work in mail on a daily so I went for some more numbers. I found the local team where our package would finally reside.
I think her name was Yvonne.
I know the time was 11:11 because I kissed Jamie bond on the cheek for good luck.
Yvonne came through. She gave us Larry's route. Within minutes we are on our bikes. Jamie Bond finds the truck and will stake it out on a hinch, while I triangulate his possible whereabouts. I was told the 1300 block of Hampshire, right close to us. I thought it was on 13th and Hampshire so I took of at high speed, full of coffee. As I get to twentieth from twnty-fourth I see that the address is like 824 already. Oh! The street outside the house we were on was the 1300 block! Duh. I go back and see a lady fixing her motorcycle.
"Have you seen the mailman? Huhhuuu.. Larry?"
Yeah like 45 seconds ago. Down that way.
"Larry!!!!! Do you have our package?"
Nope. No not at all. Not if it was bigger than a shoebox. A bigger truck whom he doesn't know.
Yvonne doesn't know who it was either.
"I guess if you go outside and look for a bog mailtruck, you might find him. Otherwise we can leave him a note for 5pm when he get back and he might be able to get you the package then. We needed the package before 2pm to take to the Slow Food Festival. Our ticket money was in that bag too! Alright, I can't sit around and face defeat. I jam on my bike and search for my package cosmically. A mile down the road I turn around. This is silly.
Then as I am crossing a street, I see a bigger mail truck down the block, heading the same direction. I follow one block and cut right. There the truck is parking and going in to the other post office where our package was not going. The light was red and there was traffic pouring across Van Ness. I see the man knock on the side door and wait. then someone comes. I dart in front of a truck and he stops.
I catch the door just before it closes and yell, "Excuse me, excuse me, huuu huuu, I am huuu looking for a mailman. huuu huu."
It turns out that his guys was the man who left the note!!!!!!
I have to call Jamie because she has the slip and it's in her name. He is nice enough to wait 4 minutes. It was timed. We got the package!!
Off on the bus adventure to Fort Mason to pass out 2012 flyers and watch Ozolmaltli and Gnarles Barkley. On our eay home we talked about grilling.
I get a call from a friend who is grilling two minutes later and we jam over there. Bacon cheddar burgers on a french roll with a hot tub session afterwards.
What a great night!

Sweet things...

There are cool things about every day.
I spend most of my nights at a friend's house, and she has three alarms she sets.
She's like me. It takes forever to pry me from dreamland.
She has this one alarm like the cartoons, skull sized with two bells. When we stay up late she turns it on. It's the last resort. The saving grace.
The thing about it is that device is from a forgotten generation these days with digisnoozers.
I can't turn it off without re-enacting the classic mouse cartoons, with my hair sticking up, struggling then slamming.

Treat Street.
I love you. 24th to 20th, on the way to work. The morning sun and a coffee in my hand.
My pink skateboard sings your name.
We dance, those four blocks.
I practice my kung fu stance.
I truss you up with laces from my wheels.
I can't stop smiling.

You might have seen me, at Broderick and Haight, halfway there.
I had a huge smile this time too.
It feels so good to kick my legs on my bike up those slopes.
I get off on it.
Halfway through you can tell I've gotten myself into something good and haven't finished.
I reach Buena Vista park and switch up gears. A block for ultimate climax.
Up to waller, dead on like an arrow until I've reached maximum velocity. Then I slink up the hill, embodying the sidewinding snake.
I slither up the hill rapidly, one step back two slinks up.
Then one block downhill to the granite steps of the stoop.
I felt on top of the world.

The Skatepark.

Oh how I love sitting on the hill and watching all walk of life ride the concrete waves and dance upon its fray.
The little buttboarding kids, the helmetkneepadelbowpad kids. The old men rejuvinating their childhood. The sexy bearded booksmart boarders who I have a crush on. The random generator shows on the labrynth. Little black kids playing their skateboards like guitars.
Each kid that wanders up tries it. Only a few get it realistically and the others look to them for leadership.
The skateboarding family. Mama MissShelley, her son and man who all skate to and from the park with their pitt as a team. The kid can rip it on the pavement.
What a great melting pot.
Everyone's united in the pursuit of hurting oneself.

A couple of times I have slept on the job. There are these 72 gallon bags that we put in recycled packaging. Empty they are perfect for sleeping. It's like a plastic nest. You need a protective layer of soft stuff that will pad the stringy plastic parts. I am lucky to have my sleepingbag from traveling still there. I have curled up behind the old backstock magazines on my lunch break, waking myself up with my own snoring. I took some awesome "myspace" photos laying in a pile of magazines. My mind is allowed to wander at work. It rules.
One time I curled up in the shelves next to my nearest co-corker before he had arrived. He came in and I was right at his ankles and he had no idea. I stayed there, in silent sleep-like motions. He didn't notice me and it had been ten minutes. I was in!
I make a small breathing sound. Kind of ghost like.
I see him look around and then shake it off.
I am choking my laughter.
I make it again and this time go for his ankles.
He jumps so high I can't believe it.
I get out, dust off, and go back to work.
Don't tell my boss, if you know what's good for you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hell Naw!!

1. Things made to break!!
Go fuck yourself. Cheap ass bastard with a shiny coat of paint.

2. Radio Commercials.
Oh Hell No you didn't just talk to me like that.

3. Getting Doored AGAIN!!!
This time I pushed tht door right back into this 225 pound muscle man. A couple of times. Fuck you.

Whew, I feel better.

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2012 conference info:

Click on the "Strack-Attack" link for discounted ticket!


WHAT: 2012 Conference San Francisco. A weekend intensive with the top authorities on 2012, who have deeply explored the various themes and aspects. Includes panels, lectures, sacred Maya and Q'uero ceremonies, think-tank insight sessions on sustainability, film premieres plus more
WHO: Leaders in the burgeoning 2012 movement; regarded scholars, thinkers, philosophers and
best selling authors such as Dr.Alberto Villoldo, Daniel Pinchbeck, Sharron Rose, Jay Weidner, John Major Jenkins, Rev. Brian Keneipp of The Aetherius Society, James O'Dea of IONS, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira, Rick Levine, Dannion Brinkley, Mike Bara and James V. Hardt Ph.D.
Presented by Sacred Mysteries Live
Sponsored by Harmony Festival, Reality Sandwich, Ancient Visions, TOSA Center, Institute of Noetic Sciences, East West, Sounds true
WHERE: Fort Mason Cenference Center, San Francisco, Ca. 94115
WHEN: October 31st, November 1st & November 2nd, 2008
INFO: (800) 984-0897 /
* * * * * * * *
The United States and the world are finding themselves at extraordinary crossroads with the way life is presently unfolding. High energy prices and the Housing meltdown have created a shock to the system that is only icing on the cake. Strange anomalies such as floods in the mid-west, disappearing Bee's seem to bring a daily steady stream of doomsday scenarios to Americans as our once solid outlooks move into very shaky ground. But what some view as 'uncharted territory', others see as a 'Great Shift,' as ancient prophecies unfolding in real time.
Throughout history, humanity has looked to chronological signposts to help us predict and make order of the universe. Perhaps the greatest signpost of the past millennium, revealed by the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar, is 2012. On November 1st and 2nd at Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco Bay, the 2012 Conference will show that many ancient cultures, such as the Maya, the Q'uero Elders and the Hopi Indians, all point concurrently to 2012 as a year of dramatic change.
What will this change be? How can the average person prepare themselves and make sense of this Great Shift? The presenters of the 2012 Conference are offering an entire weekend with a collection of expert scholars and thinkers who have extensively explored the fields of spiritual, health and historical analysis in relation to 2012. Critical analysis of present and ancient cultures, sustainability dialogues and an array of interactive 'think-tank' sessions plus sacred Maya and Q'uero ceremonies, will be offered to the 300 participants choosing to be leaders at the forefront of this destined shift of the ages.
In March nearly 1000 people converged in Hollywood, Ca. for the first 2012 Conference. The sold out event was featured by the local Fox News affiliate(available on youtube) plus in a feature story in The Los Angeles Times. 2012 has become a subject matter people all over the world are fascinated with. Films such as the latest Indiana Jones, the upcoming X-Files sequel and Roland Emmerich's 2012 are delving into the paranormal phenomena.
We're at fifty-one months and counting until Dec. 21st, 2012. This Conference is for you, especially if you've ever wondered about the world that's coming, just four years from now.

Why? Because..Shift Happens

* * * * * * * *
Capsule biographies of the lecturers and panelists follow:

Dr.Alberto Villoldo is a Cuban American medical anthropologist and psychologist who has studied and practiced
shamanism in the Andes and the Amazon for more than two decades. His books include Courageous Dreaming, Shaman, Healer, Sage, The Four Insights, Dance of the 4 Winds: Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel.

Daniel Pinchbeck is the best-selling author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head. He is the Editor of Reality Sandwich and is featured prominently as a leader in the new counter-culture movement.

John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. John has authored dozens of books including: Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, The Mystery of 2012.

Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa are considered foremost authorities on Atlantis and Archangelic communications. Best selling authors, columnists, radio personalities & Master Avesa Quantum Healers, the authors of Sacred Union: The Journey Home, and 2012: You Have a Choice.

James O'Dea is the President of the prestigious Institute of Noetic Sciences, an active member of The World Wisdom Council and has essays published in numerous magazines and books including The Mystery of 2012 and Consciousness and Healing.

Sharron Rose - MA. Ed, is an author, filmmaker and Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in World Mythology Dance and Theatre,Writer/director of the feature length documentaries 2012:The Odyssey and Timewave 2013 and a producer of the Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection.

Dannion Brinkley is the international best selling author of the Saved by the Light, drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters. Dannion's expertise in the area of death and dying has educated millions not to fear the presently held concept of transition from this world to the next. As a result of his journeys to the 'other side' and back again, he brings to the forefront the wondrous truth that there is indeed no such thing as death.

Jay Weidner - author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar. He is the producer of the documentary films: 2012: The Odyssey and Timewave 2013 and director of Secrets of Alchemy: The Great Cross and the End of Time, and the Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection. Frequent contributor to numerous History Channel presentations.

Mike Bara - co-author with Richard Hoagland of the NY Times best-seller Dark Mission: Secret History of NASA, Bara brings his experience as an aerospace engineer in tetrahedral physics to the Conference and its connection to 11:11 phenomenon and ultimately its connection to the Mayan Calendar.

Rick Levine is a renowned astrologer, astrological scholar and author, Rick is an active voice in the global Astrology community, giving seminars around the world. For all of us, he shares a special gift for bridging the gaps between Astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart.

Rev.Brian Keneipp is the Executive Director of The Aetherius Society, founded by Dr. George King. The Society continues to use the tools and wisdom given to Earth through Dr. King to help heal and raise humanity to better understand and weather the approaching shift. The Twelve Blessings – a mystic text given to mankind in this Aquarian age – is an essential tool to help us evolve and withstand the heightened vibrations that will come as The Mother Earth changes.

Just added WILLIAM HENRY, author of "Revelation 2012" and Host with Whitley Strieber of the radio show Dreamland.

and more....

Buy Early Registration Discount Tickets Now
and receive first choice priority on Insight Workshops

http://2012conference-StrackAttack. eventbrite. com

INFO: (800) 984-0897

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2012 conference Y'all!! Come out!

The news breaks like waves...

Just heard of a new murmur of bicycle inspired performance groups coming from Eugene, OR.

And now let's check in with the Fabulous northern lights, The B:C:Clettes.
Here is a future PSA commercial.

And for me I am a bit bummed I didn't follow through on working at the playa. I could be heading out to baron desert with a bunch of freaks. Here's what I imagine I am missing: Biketopia.
Click here for RAD pic.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Derailleurs Videos:

From "Sprock Out With Your Cog Out"
july 20th @ Ace Junkyard

Check out this link:From!! Thanks J.Maus

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rad! America 2012

If you are going to judge me for being a new ager and write me off, don't read this. I still want your respect.

The Time Is Now, We Are The Ones.

What does this mean to me?

I have been thinking about my "footprint" lately.
The "story" our civilization is acting out each day has been getting me down. It has permeated my existence. I have a tower of white and black topped coffee cups, all 16oz., all formerly filled with an inch of soy, a spoonful of honey, and as of late, a a few big dashes of chocolate. Let's start there.
Chocolate definitely doesn't grow here or our culture would be different. The whole honey bee fiasco as a harbinger for upcoming strife gets me down. Shipped from some field, potentially a monocrop ala monsanto. The trees. Oh the damn trees that I am participating in pulverizing. Those strips of Oregon, shaved like a porn star, with the landing strip along the road as subterfuge. Coffee itself has hunched farmers on its back. And all the oil it takes to and from these interactions.

I have been analyzing my output and by and far, radical change needs to occur in order to speed up the healing cycle. And boy do I ever believe in the healing cycle. I have danced in junkyards, with the excess towering. The simple act of riding a bike required the bicycle to be made. What is the carbon footprint of the tires, the steel manufacturing. I remember as a child, around the mountain from me lay Geneva Steel Factory, and when you would pass the beautiful tip of hill, where hangliders sail colorfully, there you are slapped in the face with dark plumes that colored the sepia sky. I hesitated to breath until I couldn't fight it any longer. What is my waste that makes other things feel this way towards me? I could build a beer can house in my times. Shingle it with cigarette butts.

Yin Yang that thinking my friend.
The tattoo on my arm is a reminder for a Reunion concert with Show Me The Pink and most of all, RAD America. The doers and thinkers and tinkerers. Let's make it in the summer so we can plan another, better one for Dec. 21, 2012. Just to make some more fun propagate and seed this starved world. What about significance and artistry? I have 4 years to come up with a great thesis. Naysayers may take a hike because I am an artist, and I need a dealine in order to perform. It's not "the end of the world" ya'll. Let's just make our square foot totally tighter.

In light of those words, I leave you with some heartfelt lyrics from a RAD American anthem by Show Me The Pink.

Now is the time,
We are the ones to shine.
Your mind your heart your life,
the space you occupy.
You can turn it on inside
and make it fly.

It's buried deep inside,
All you need to do is try.

Friday, July 18, 2008

STOLEN! from

Alright, an overlooked chapter of the bikedance ballet branch has surfaced in a recent flickr search.
They are from Brighton, UK and they perform with an aerial view in mind. A lot of patterns and imagery. How majestic with the sea behind and the bikes in the sky.

photos mostly from raysto, thanks!

Guess What?!!!

Click on Image to enlarge.

More to come about this fabulous event.
If you care about the future like I do, then check out these authors and consider going to the conference.
The subject has been the bane of my existence for at least five years now.

Radapalooza!! 2012

Highly recommened:
2012: Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck

Sprock Out With Yer Cog Out!!!

Sprock Out With Your Cog Out!
-a bike dance dance party
Sunday July 20th
$5 5pm-12am
Ace Junkyard
2255 Mckinnon st off bayshore

Sprockettes all girl bike dance troop!
The Sprockettes all girl mini bike dance troop from Portland OR.
Here Comes a Big Black Cloud (portland)
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide
The Derailleurs Bay Area all girl bike dance troop.
Grass Widow
Space Madness
Double Dutchess
Floral Beef

Come out to the post-apacalyptic Ace Junkyard to celebrate the triumphant return of the world’s premier bicycle dance team, The Sprockettes. These hot pink and black clad cyclists have taken it to a whole new level with dance routines performed on, with, or about bikes. They have been working hard for the past four years to bring a new branch of dance to the history books. Since their inception in 2004, they have inspired many more pedalpushing troupes including three in Canada and one in England. The newest on the roster is The Bay Area Derailleurs, who are joining The Sprockettes for a bike bash beyond belief. Heavy Pedal Cyclecide will be setting up their pedal powered amusements. Local darlings Double Dutchess
jumprope team will royally astound you with their slick moves and stamina. For your audio-entertainment we present to you the enigmatic ladies of Grass Widow. Space Madness will release a fusion of rock, blues, and mathamatic mayhem upon the crowd, and Here Comes A Big Black Cloud means the thunder storm is coming. Show starts at 5pm and goes till midnight.

2255 Mckinnion St. San Francisco CA (off Bay Shore Blvd.)

Only $5 bucks

I got spotted...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Breaking news!

Here is a picture I stumbled upon and makes me so happy! My first visual of the Seattle group, the Bike Belle's.Or is it the Stripped Nipples? I need more info.

Do you have any hot tips on the movie? I need to see it!

Can I get a HEYOL YEAH!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Spokes!!

Beat my heart with a baseball bat!!!
It's the green and black sista's from an Machester, England mista'.

Just Found this...

Sprockettes @ Fat Tire's Tour De Fat July 2007

This just in from the Sprockettes Bike Bash Weekend!!

More text is on the way but I can only do so much when I am at work.

Can I just say it was the most fabulous weekend of my last five years!!

The Brakes

The Crowd

The Sprockettes

Jerico of Cyclecide

The Derailleurs


Mysterious new dance team from Canada

Mellissa and Vanessa Vortex