Saturday, May 5, 2012

More from the UK Bicycle Ballet

This is new to me, but not new. 2010 is the date on the bottom.
It's a different performance than the one I have seen in a roadway (supposedly for the Queen!)

Utopian Bike City Love Song

2007 in Hawaii some girls get it.

WTF? Indoor Cycling Gymnastics?

I found this and am thoroughly blown away.

New Bikedance team spotted in Bushwick

More information PLEASE!!
Lia Macpherson's Bushwick Synchronized Cycling.
I just saw a few stills and not the whole magic.
Will someone get me in contact with this woman?!
For the love of Bikedance!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bobby Joe Ebola Videos!

Waking up is Hard to Do (NEW!):

Sweet Shit of Christ:

The Only Difference:

Time is Crawling:



Lake of Flies:

and of course, Freaky Baby!:

Welcome Back TV presents "Add Me on Flyspace":

Lost!? and Found in Space: