Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The second generation in BIKEDANCE!!!!

It has always been a goal of bikedance teams to pass on the torch to the younger generations. Well the bikedance mavens, THE SPROCKETTES, did just that. Last weekend they help their girls bikedance camp and here is their official performance.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Featured in Mission Loc@l

My Buddy Keith and I were featured in a Mission Loc@l piece.
Summertime Bike Portraits:

On Bikedance

I wish! Should I contact them?

I found this in my inbox today.
I wonder if Vanilla Ice (Rob Vanwinkle) passed along my contact.
Should I call and get them to add MC Ponyland to the tour? LOL

Sir / Madam,

We have heard that you organize shows in Europe, so we have permitted ourselves
to contact you.
We are now working with well-known/ successful American rap artists.
ONYX (founder of the company), Styles P, M.O.P, Lords Of The Underground, Curtis Young aka Hood Surgeon (Dr Dre's son) and many more (please check out our websitehttp://onyxbookings.com for the full list)
The legendary rap group ONYX has been touring Europe a countless amount of times.
Drawing huge crowds of over +50,000 people, they are one of the most
popular rap band over there.
You can watch our live shows on Youtube to see what you can expect
from them and the rest of the artists.
As we are preparing for new tours in Russia/Ukraine/Europe, we are
looking on adding new date(s) or even planning (many/a new) tour(s) together.
And we would be glad to work with a booking agency such as yours.

We work with a good amount of artists, so let us know which artist you would like to book.

Thank you for your time!