Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Derailleurs Videos:

From "Sprock Out With Your Cog Out"
july 20th @ Ace Junkyard

Check out this link:From!! Thanks J.Maus

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rad! America 2012

If you are going to judge me for being a new ager and write me off, don't read this. I still want your respect.

The Time Is Now, We Are The Ones.

What does this mean to me?

I have been thinking about my "footprint" lately.
The "story" our civilization is acting out each day has been getting me down. It has permeated my existence. I have a tower of white and black topped coffee cups, all 16oz., all formerly filled with an inch of soy, a spoonful of honey, and as of late, a a few big dashes of chocolate. Let's start there.
Chocolate definitely doesn't grow here or our culture would be different. The whole honey bee fiasco as a harbinger for upcoming strife gets me down. Shipped from some field, potentially a monocrop ala monsanto. The trees. Oh the damn trees that I am participating in pulverizing. Those strips of Oregon, shaved like a porn star, with the landing strip along the road as subterfuge. Coffee itself has hunched farmers on its back. And all the oil it takes to and from these interactions.

I have been analyzing my output and by and far, radical change needs to occur in order to speed up the healing cycle. And boy do I ever believe in the healing cycle. I have danced in junkyards, with the excess towering. The simple act of riding a bike required the bicycle to be made. What is the carbon footprint of the tires, the steel manufacturing. I remember as a child, around the mountain from me lay Geneva Steel Factory, and when you would pass the beautiful tip of hill, where hangliders sail colorfully, there you are slapped in the face with dark plumes that colored the sepia sky. I hesitated to breath until I couldn't fight it any longer. What is my waste that makes other things feel this way towards me? I could build a beer can house in my times. Shingle it with cigarette butts.

Yin Yang that thinking my friend.
The tattoo on my arm is a reminder for a Reunion concert with Show Me The Pink and most of all, RAD America. The doers and thinkers and tinkerers. Let's make it in the summer so we can plan another, better one for Dec. 21, 2012. Just to make some more fun propagate and seed this starved world. What about significance and artistry? I have 4 years to come up with a great thesis. Naysayers may take a hike because I am an artist, and I need a dealine in order to perform. It's not "the end of the world" ya'll. Let's just make our square foot totally tighter.

In light of those words, I leave you with some heartfelt lyrics from a RAD American anthem by Show Me The Pink.

Now is the time,
We are the ones to shine.
Your mind your heart your life,
the space you occupy.
You can turn it on inside
and make it fly.

It's buried deep inside,
All you need to do is try.

Friday, July 18, 2008

STOLEN! from

Alright, an overlooked chapter of the bikedance ballet branch has surfaced in a recent flickr search.
They are from Brighton, UK and they perform with an aerial view in mind. A lot of patterns and imagery. How majestic with the sea behind and the bikes in the sky.

photos mostly from raysto, thanks!

Guess What?!!!

Click on Image to enlarge.

More to come about this fabulous event.
If you care about the future like I do, then check out these authors and consider going to the conference.
The subject has been the bane of my existence for at least five years now.

Radapalooza!! 2012

Highly recommened:
2012: Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck

Sprock Out With Yer Cog Out!!!

Sprock Out With Your Cog Out!
-a bike dance dance party
Sunday July 20th
$5 5pm-12am
Ace Junkyard
2255 Mckinnon st off bayshore

Sprockettes all girl bike dance troop!
The Sprockettes all girl mini bike dance troop from Portland OR.
Here Comes a Big Black Cloud (portland)
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide
The Derailleurs Bay Area all girl bike dance troop.
Grass Widow
Space Madness
Double Dutchess
Floral Beef

Come out to the post-apacalyptic Ace Junkyard to celebrate the triumphant return of the world’s premier bicycle dance team, The Sprockettes. These hot pink and black clad cyclists have taken it to a whole new level with dance routines performed on, with, or about bikes. They have been working hard for the past four years to bring a new branch of dance to the history books. Since their inception in 2004, they have inspired many more pedalpushing troupes including three in Canada and one in England. The newest on the roster is The Bay Area Derailleurs, who are joining The Sprockettes for a bike bash beyond belief. Heavy Pedal Cyclecide will be setting up their pedal powered amusements. Local darlings Double Dutchess
jumprope team will royally astound you with their slick moves and stamina. For your audio-entertainment we present to you the enigmatic ladies of Grass Widow. Space Madness will release a fusion of rock, blues, and mathamatic mayhem upon the crowd, and Here Comes A Big Black Cloud means the thunder storm is coming. Show starts at 5pm and goes till midnight.

2255 Mckinnion St. San Francisco CA (off Bay Shore Blvd.)

Only $5 bucks

I got spotted...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Breaking news!

Here is a picture I stumbled upon and makes me so happy! My first visual of the Seattle group, the Bike Belle's.Or is it the Stripped Nipples? I need more info.

Do you have any hot tips on the movie? I need to see it!

Can I get a HEYOL YEAH!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Spokes!!

Beat my heart with a baseball bat!!!
It's the green and black sista's from an Machester, England mista'.

Just Found this...

Sprockettes @ Fat Tire's Tour De Fat July 2007

This just in from the Sprockettes Bike Bash Weekend!!

More text is on the way but I can only do so much when I am at work.

Can I just say it was the most fabulous weekend of my last five years!!

The Brakes

The Crowd

The Sprockettes

Jerico of Cyclecide

The Derailleurs


Mysterious new dance team from Canada

Mellissa and Vanessa Vortex