Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old article on Zoobomb

I found this article from six years ago. It's a succint depiction of the Zoobomb Phenomenon while it was happenening.

Pics I found while sick

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reporting the Spreading of Rad America to Raonoke:

I like to keep you updated when a new chapter of Bike Love opens up in the world. The following correspondence was sent to me from Rev. Phil, Bike Pornographer, in Oregon. He will be making his way through the cuntry on a bikesmut tour. (

"On another note, some exciting things have happened in Roanoke since I
came back from Oregon. 1)Ciclovia has been adopted as a Parks and
Recreation program, so it would be insured by the City (yeahh), I
will continue to be the organizer and mostly in charge of fund
raising. 2) Roanoke has established an official StarBomb ride
(inspired by ZooBomb , it got pick up after the Movie Veer was
showcased here few weeks ago). We also have a zoo on top of Mill
Mountain which also has a Neon Star, so instead of calling it ZooBomb
they’re calling it StarBomb . I don't personally have the fear to
do it, but the crowd was huge and they had a blast. Check out the
facebook group

Andrea Garland, MS CE
Planning Technician
Roanoke Valley-Allegheny Regional Commission"