Monday, June 21, 2010

3 new Bikedance Teams!

I am proud to announce three new bikedance teams in the USA!
Please give a warm bikebell ring to:
Heelz on Wheelz from NYC!

Greasy Gears from Madison, Wisconsin!

and a troupe is now being formed in Austin, Texas.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Closed for Total Rethink: Oil Actions this weekend in SF

Friday, June 11th, 2010 a group of community actioneers converged on the Fell street Arco station, a subsidiary of BP, with signs and plants.
Their mission was to stop commerce for even a moment in the wake of the unstoppable oil leak.
They armed themselves with trees and plants, and thoughts enscribed on signs about the trio of problems culminating on the corner of Fell and Divisadero. Their three laments were the environmental disaster in the gulf, the rate of consumption of oil products by our society, and the dangerous traffic inflicting the bike lane on the main Fell st arterial.

They managed to stop commerce and block the entrance for 3 hours.

First Hand Accounts of the Protest:

About the Bike Lane Dangers:
Dude Where's my Bike Lane?

My next update will be about the HAIR RAISING Party that kicked butt.

Hair Booms Are IN!!
Get your local salons to gather their shampooed hair for boom stuffing.
Sign up for Matter of Trust (
*This will boost the political body of a renewable resource that is #1 in oil absorbency! Sign up even if you don't collect hair. This is a numbers game.
Make hair booms to send directly to affected areas.
The more we soak up, the less there is to deal with.
BP is the criminal in charge of the crime scene.
We will not stand by and wait for an apology.

*****More HAIR RAISING efforts will be coming soon. This is an ongoing scheme. The Derailleurs are streamlining information and relief efforts. More to be announced soon. Send any volunteer ideas to us. bayareaderailleurs(at)gmail dot com*******

How to make a Hair Boom:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Derailleurs Polo Video!!!!


You do not have to feel helpless about this Gulf Oil Geyser.
One pound of hair soaks up a quart of oil in one minute. has organized an international hair recycling progam and has over 20 wearhouses along the gulf dedicated to making hair booms.
They have been organizing with local governments to make sure the areas’ needs are met despite the pledge by BP to facilitate the cleaning efforts.

The coastline needs your hair!

Local salons are teaming up with The Bay Area Derailleurs for a Hair Drive.

Come out and party for the cause!
Get a new hairdo for summer.
Contact your local barbershop and get them to collect hair for

Let’s use renewable resources on this catastrophe instead of the polycarbon based products they are using now.Together we will send a bunch of boomable material to where it is needed most!

BBQ, Double Dutch, BEER, and get a free punk cd if you choose a mowhak. Come get your FADE on, baby!!!!

No haircut needed to attend. Even if you aren’t due for a doo, come eat some food and meet other folks on a sounding ground for future actions. Stuff hair into nylons, be a hero!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:!/event.php?eid=106747839373278&ref=ts

Ten minute bike ride from the Mission district
Easiest bike route: -Head south on Mission
-Left on Cortland (go over hill)
-Right on Bayshore (1 block)
-Left on Industrail (1 block)
-STOP–>250 Loomis at Industrial (on corner)
Alternate secret route: Potrero to Cesar Chaves-left onto sidewalk-follow pink lines under the bridge and on more sidewalk. Left on Jerrold at Bayshore. Take next right and go straight until you hit 250 Loomis at Industrial. Follow the pink arrows!
#9 bus stop–> Bayshore and Cortland

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News from the Gulf Coast

A friend who is working with Matter of Trust is urging people to call and request that BP utilize their hightly effective efforts.

From Summer Burkes:
"BP rep Randy Prescott's office phone number is (713) 323-4093 and his email is Give him a call or send him an email telling him that BP needs to "let" (grr) Matter of Trust supplement their ineffectual and largely cosmetic "cleanup" operation with the 20 warehouses full of hair boom we've got stockpiled so far around the Gulf... See More Coast, with more hair and pantyhose being collected every day. Sounds low-tech, but it's God's design - hair, fur, and fleece hold oil better than anything else!

All we need is access to their dumpsters / incinerators and some gas money, and then the Cajun Navy is ready to go! Imagine: hair boom in crab-traps built into protective levee walls... hair boom rolled into netting and wrapped around boats that skim through oily water ... hair boom in shrimp nets, and shrimpers trawling for crude, like an "oil Zamboni." We have the answers on how to protect the marsh; BP is not hearing us so we have to tell them more loudly and more often. Please take a minute to call and email -- the fate of Louisiana and the world's oceans rides on this! Please repost to everyone you know!"