Thursday, May 13, 2010

De-fund Irreversible Catastrophe

My mother left back home, but not before giving me a sticker that said:

I thought this sentiment sums up my feelings toward the oil spill in the Gulf.

I called the White House today.
Yeah, this 28 year old artsit punk got civicly involved.
And it felt SO GOOD!

I urge you to do it as well.
Take a moment while you are waiting on hold to jot down your talking points.
I put the phone on speaker to wait for the cute old lady volunteer to answer.
She said, "Okay, I'll pass along your comment to Obama."

White House Comment Line:
202-456-1111 m-f 9-5

ALSO, Friday May 14th 5pm <----
***International Day of Mourning/Action for against offshore Oil Drilling***
Wear a burka at a gas station.
Dress up like a bird covered in oil.
Do a "Cease and Desisit" tap dance in front of an oil company HQ.
Get Creative!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Executing selfishness.

It has been 23 days since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and has been releasing 210,000 gallons per day of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The New York Times stated that the spill might take weeks or MONTHS to stop. The government doesn't oversee safety regulations on these oil drilling platforms. It is up to the company to follow the spirit of the law.

The Earth is hemorrhaging oil from a brutal assault by one of the worlds richest companies. In April BP announced extreme monetary gains from rising oil prices. The heads of this and similar oil companies are amassing the worlds' wealth.

This is at the expense of our life and pursuit of happiness. Fishing companies are experiencing mandatory shut-downs. Children are being poisoned. Dolphins and sealife are washing up on shore. Future health problems from this pollution will result in the form of cancer, deformities, diseases and premature death. What are the repercussions of burning the seas?

I can't sleep properly. I feel that 70% of me is becoming poisoned. I feel the black shadow clawing it's way through my stomach and spreading like cancer into my blood stream.

I see people all day, driving alone in their cars, throwing their things in the back seat. Unhappy about the days duties. Disgusted with the commercials on the radio. Unhappy about the impending traffic and price of gas. Annoyed with the sneaky bikers in their blind spots.
Contributing to the worldwide need to go faster and get there quicker. Wanting to change things but just accepting that "this is how it works".

UNAWARE that it just might be over very soon.
No, the world will not end. Not in the slightest. The crusts might shift, the atmosphere might change, the chaotic patterns of nature might shift. This round sphere, the source of our life, is not going anywhere. But we are poisoning ourselves quicker than you can say "pharmaceutical".

Waterways are all connected. They are the bloodstreams of the earth. The nature of water is to constantly be moving around exchanging ions with other water particles. This open action means that one water molecule can travel and become part of another one somewhere else. You can dump a body in the deep water table reservoirs in Austin TX, and it will end up going though an underground water tunnel and come out in the gulf. So, will the oily gulf water show up in Austin TX?
How would you feel if your tap water spit black? How long until you could get it back?

They are still cleaning up residue from the Exxon-Valdez spill in Prince Williams Sound, 20 YEARS LATER!!!


This is a call to action. This is a PLEAD for action!!!!
What can you do?

1. Contact local and federal government and demand responsibility.


SF Department of the Environment: (415) 355-3700

Nancy Pelosi:

Washington, D.C. Office:

235 Cannon House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-0508
Phone: (202) 225-4965
Fax: (202) 225-8259

2. Cut your hair and send it to to be made into oil soaking booms for the cleanup action. Organize a hair drive in your area.
Contact hairdressers and set up a box for clean hair. Hair is THE most effective oil soaking product. Industry has been using petroleum based products to clean up petroleum. At a 30% success rate. This is idiotic.
For all the times you were able to fly in a plane, drive in a car, or drink from a plastic bottle, cut a strand of hair. Send the hair to the frontlines. Show the earth that you are thankful for the bounty it has shared with you.

3. BOYCOTT oil products including gasoline, plastics, and fertilizers.
This is hard. This is impossible. But like the bus boycotts of the Civil Rights Movement, we need to make an economic impact in order to make a difference. You better believe that people of color still needed to get to work, they just found other ways. Be creative.

4. Spread the word. Tell someone if this environmental disaster bothers you. Don't be quiet about your thoughts. We need to affect change in every nook and cranny of our society. The more we realize how many people aren't satisfied with the safety regulations on oil drilling platforms and environmental responsibility, the more we turn that into a social credo. You would be surprised to know how many people see eye to eye.

We are responsible for this.
Our children will inherit this problem.
We are capable of making change happen.

We are working on our selfishness and greed because it does not serve us or our community.
Radical change must happen immediately.

We will not sit back idly while our future is severely at stake.

Executing selfishness is a double entendre.
Execute selfishness by demanding that the world be yours to inhabit.
Execute the part of your life that relies on selfishness. Cut out your selfish ways.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oil Spill Blues HAIR drive

We are feeling polluted by this oil spill and want to do more.
It makes us sick to our stomache.
We wish we could help.
So we are sending ourselves, in the form of hair.
Our little guys will march to the frontlines and oversee a rebalancing.

In the native american tradition, before picking a plant for use, you offer a few strands of hair as an offering. This shows your respect for your gift and your willingness to give back from what you are taking.

We are grateful for the gift of life on this planet, therefore we give ourselves to mediate this frightful BP oil spill.

We are encouraging you get a fresh new summer 'do and send your clippings to:
Matter Of Trust

Facebook site: