Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Come ride with The Derailleurs on our adventure we planned just for you!
Sat. May 1st
Dolores Park Bell

Bring a bag and some form of camera.
Extra Points for team colors.
No team necessary.
$5 entry--> goes to winners and MOMcon.
easy to medium ride.
Not punishment, FUNishment!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another side project here.
We are bringing our mothers together for Mother's Day weekend.
If you like the idea, feel free to donate at the blogspot.

Dear Madam / Sir,

We are writing to request your support for Mom Convention 2010, the first Annual Mother’s Day Convention to take place May 7th-9th.

Mom Convention 2010 will be a massive celebration of the women who gave birth to us. A large group of friends who make up a community of amazing people with endless talents, skills, and fun would like to invite our mothers (and our mothers' mothers) to San Francisco, CA for the weekend of Mothers Day. Our theory is that if we all have such a great time together, our moms will too. Many friends will be made and many stories will be told! In order to make this happen, we are having a benefit party in the very near future to pay for plane tickets for the Mothers who are otherwise unable to make it to San Francisco. We would also like to accommodate the traveling moms in all the best ways possible. This will include lodging, food & drink, and activities such as a pampering spa day or a trip to the countryside. MomCon organizers are requesting donations from local establishments and individual contributors to help facilitate this wonderful weekend. This event will bring young and old together to celebrate our collective existence and break down the social barriers that sometimes create a rift between parents and offspring. Our hope is that MomCon will serve as a reminder to never take anything for granted, that life is beautiful, and friends and family are the backbone of our lives. Mom Convention2010 will be documented as a film and long-term hopes are that people will be inspired to join the Mom movement and host conventions all over the world, annually. We would like to mention that we also have utmost respect for our fathers, but we must now honor the strength it must have taken these amazing women to bring us into the world. In the future, we will create a similar appreciation day for the Dads. Any and all contributions are requested to help us facilitate this fabulous weekend with our moms.

Thank you for your support! Please contact us at any time.

Jamie Bond

Eliza Strack

momconvention2010 (at) gmail (dot) com

Facebook: MomConvention Moms Rule
Blog: Mymomlikesyourmom.blogspot.com