Tuesday, June 8, 2010


You do not have to feel helpless about this Gulf Oil Geyser.
One pound of hair soaks up a quart of oil in one minute.

MatterOfTrust.org has organized an international hair recycling progam and has over 20 wearhouses along the gulf dedicated to making hair booms.
They have been organizing with local governments to make sure the areas’ needs are met despite the pledge by BP to facilitate the cleaning efforts.

The coastline needs your hair!

Local salons are teaming up with The Bay Area Derailleurs for a Hair Drive.

Come out and party for the cause!
Get a new hairdo for summer.
Contact your local barbershop and get them to collect hair for MatterOfTrust.org

Let’s use renewable resources on this catastrophe instead of the polycarbon based products they are using now.Together we will send a bunch of boomable material to where it is needed most!

BBQ, Double Dutch, BEER, and get a free punk cd if you choose a mowhak. Come get your FADE on, baby!!!!

No haircut needed to attend. Even if you aren’t due for a doo, come eat some food and meet other folks on a sounding ground for future actions. Stuff hair into nylons, be a hero!


Ten minute bike ride from the Mission district
Easiest bike route: -Head south on Mission
-Left on Cortland (go over hill)
-Right on Bayshore (1 block)
-Left on Industrail (1 block)
-STOP–>250 Loomis at Industrial (on corner)
Alternate secret route: Potrero to Cesar Chaves-left onto sidewalk-follow pink lines under the bridge and on more sidewalk. Left on Jerrold at Bayshore. Take next right and go straight until you hit 250 Loomis at Industrial. Follow the pink arrows!
#9 bus stop–> Bayshore and Cortland

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