Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News from the Gulf Coast

A friend who is working with Matter of Trust is urging people to call and request that BP utilize their hightly effective efforts.

From Summer Burkes:
"BP rep Randy Prescott's office phone number is (713) 323-4093 and his email is randy.prescott@bp.com. Give him a call or send him an email telling him that BP needs to "let" (grr) Matter of Trust supplement their ineffectual and largely cosmetic "cleanup" operation with the 20 warehouses full of hair boom we've got stockpiled so far around the Gulf... See More Coast, with more hair and pantyhose being collected every day. Sounds low-tech, but it's God's design - hair, fur, and fleece hold oil better than anything else!

All we need is access to their dumpsters / incinerators and some gas money, and then the Cajun Navy is ready to go! Imagine: hair boom in crab-traps built into protective levee walls... hair boom rolled into netting and wrapped around boats that skim through oily water ... hair boom in shrimp nets, and shrimpers trawling for crude, like an "oil Zamboni." We have the answers on how to protect the marsh; BP is not hearing us so we have to tell them more loudly and more often. Please take a minute to call and email -- the fate of Louisiana and the world's oceans rides on this! Please repost to everyone you know!"

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