Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear David Choe,

I am not sorry for December 15th.
I didn't plan on bitch slapping you, but you deserved it.
We had a great time talking. It was phenomenal to meet my painting style guru.
You have no idea how your grafitti quickness translated to painting has helped me in my own painting styles. I gave you a calendar of my minibike dance team, signed and everything. Then you said you have a confession.
You have stolen over 300 bicycles.
My hand met your cheek before I could think about it.
It wasn't just for my own disdain, but I felt like the hand of the bicycle world raised mine to your face.
I heard the gasps in the room.
You said you deserved it.
I hope it made and impression.
If you left Portland with anything, I hope it was the message my hand delivered you.
I have a feeling you like it.
I wore my rollerskates to your art show.
Someday I should tell you about my rollerskates. I have a feeling you would like it. To say the least, they have rolled all over the country, just like you have.
Next time you are in town, let's have a sketch off.
Yours truly,
Agent Chaos

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This time last year....

A year ago today Show Me The Pink kicked off our Rad! America tour.
We played 48 shows in 56 days. It was incredibly fun and taxing. Here are some pictures.

This is in a cave on 6th Street in San Fransico. Day 6 and we were really smelly by then.
We ate at Tu-Lan before the show. God Bless greasy, greasy Tu-Lan.

Las Vegas

Denton Texas pinking it up to high heaven.
Check Spelling

What! What! Sprockettes representing at the Evil Fool's Day Cycleslaughterama.

Shanzini's Birthday in Texas.

Tricked out minis at Stonehenge in Eugene.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Four years ago a newly formed bike gang, the Zoobomber, started an event in the dead of winter to celebrate the hardships of freak commuterism in a fun and extreme way.
The weekend of events usually includes shows, rides, movies, dance parties, and the ever insane, Olympics. This year they have further expanded the theme with the Chariot Wars calling for a day themed Roman, followed by the Greek themed day with the Zoobomb Winter Olympics.

Here is a link to the weekend of events starting tomorrow with:
The Dropout Bike Club's freakbike ride meeting @ 20th& Belmont at 8pm.
Freak bikes of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Sprockettes Blog

The Sprockettes are an all-female minibike dance team.
You might think this unusual, but since our inception in June of 2004, there have been four other bike dance teams spring up into existence.

So here's a roster of the synchronized bike dance teams by now:
*The Sprockettes, Portland, OR June 2004
colors: Hot Pink and Black
*The Different Spokes, Portland, OR 2005
colors: all one color, like the brakes.
These guys got together for a performance with the Sprockettes for the N.A.C.C.C. (North American Cycle Courier Championships. They had all kinds of bikes from minis to tallbikes. They performed to Lil' John's "Are you fucking with me" song. That was their only performance.
*The B.C.Clettes, Vancouver B.C. August 2005
colors: Red and Black
*The Brakes, Vancouver B.C. 2006?
colors: Each has their own color (ie. green, yellow, blue, orange, red)
The Velo Vixens, Victoria, B.C. February 2007
colors:Denim and Fishnet

The B.C.Clettes and The Sprockettes on the stage together for the first time @ MC3's Pedal Play bike event.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Funny video by Vitche from Sao Paulo

This dude makes art and shows it at my work and this is in Clarion Alley in SF. He's silly.

Some pictures...

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Newspaper box chick sits and waits for summer.

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The Sprockettes had a weekend Invitational in November. Thugs from out of town came out with their tall bikes and their gang jackets. The weekend was all about bicycles, so I strapped on my rollerskates.

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Show Me the Pink does the double crab stack with me as the keystone at the Children of the Revolution Festival this last January.


Welcome to my very own blog.
Damn, remeber before caller ID?
Remeber when only drug dealers and ceo's had cellpohones the size of a brick?
I've got Digi-talis.
Well I hope to use this blog to sort out my head and promote some ideas.
Hope you (whoever the hell you are) enjoy it.
Please feel free to comment and shit.