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What: Variety Show featuring Punk Rock, Burlesque, and Booty Shaking with proceeds funding The Derailleurs bike dance tour.

When: Jan. 30th

Where: The Box Factory 865 Florida #1

How Much: $7

Additional Info:

The Bay Area Derailleurs present MINI BIKE CABARET, a multi-media art and dance extravaganza featuring peers, friends, and supporters of the bicycle dance movement on Saturday, January 30, at 9 P.M. at The Box Factory 865 Florida #1 @ 21st. Tickets are $7. For more info, visit The evening will feature dance performances by the Derailleurs, the Bombshells (punk rock burlesque), and the Cheese Puffs (lounge burlesque); live music by The Nerv (hard hitting, straightforward inspirational punk), Jessie Roadkill (quirky singer-songwriter), and Tongue and Teeth (haunting and passionate); dance music by DJs Zelko (of Kafana Balkan), Miss Rowdy (booty), and Mega Bitch (more booty); an art show, film screenings, and the release of the Derailleurs’ bike-themed coloring book.

The Derailleurs are one of 12 dance teams around the world who focus on the bike as a symbol of affection on the dance floor. They are taking their hip-hop and jazz flavor with a suicide girl twist on the road to Portland and Reno for mutant bike events in February. They have been working hard on an upcoming feature film and will be showing the trailer for the audience. Along with writing scenes and choreographing, they have been drawing for the release the Derailleurs Activity Book featuring imaginative drawings and informative bicycle anatomy, available for $5.

The team garnered media attention last year when co-founder Hollis Hawthorne was in a major motorcycle accident in India. They raised $100,000 in three weeks to help fly her home via air ambulance. They have been trudging through this year to stay together and stay productive in honor of their fallen leader.

The group’s mission is to promote the bicycle as transportation, art medium, and tool for personal empowerment through creative, athletic, and humorous dance on, with, and about the bicycle.

Jessie Roadkill is a singer/songwriter known for her work with the Stars and Garters performance troupe. She is also a well know staple at Amnesia Bar with the most entertaining and creative Karaoke performances know to man. She is witty and comical and brings it hard with her fantasy lands emerging from her guitar and ukelele strings.

The Nerv are hard-hitting, highly animated, political pleaders. They tell it like it is and the singer's vocals are powerful and clear. They are hellbent on revolution with a healthy apetite for positive change.

Tongue and Teeth are writhing and haunting banshee dance trio along the lines of Grass Widow.

Dj Zeljko has been packing the dancefloor for years with the eastern European-flavored Kafana Balkan parties. He is known for his Gypsy-phillic jams, and this party he will be delving into his transworld punk fusions.

Djs Mega Bitch and Miz Rowdy make the booty shake. They are well sought after for their club-hits meet art warehouse style. Expect heavy bass and big sounds that haven't been autotuned. These ladies will keep you on the dancefloor till closing time.

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