Thursday, May 13, 2010

De-fund Irreversible Catastrophe

My mother left back home, but not before giving me a sticker that said:

I thought this sentiment sums up my feelings toward the oil spill in the Gulf.

I called the White House today.
Yeah, this 28 year old artsit punk got civicly involved.
And it felt SO GOOD!

I urge you to do it as well.
Take a moment while you are waiting on hold to jot down your talking points.
I put the phone on speaker to wait for the cute old lady volunteer to answer.
She said, "Okay, I'll pass along your comment to Obama."

White House Comment Line:
202-456-1111 m-f 9-5

ALSO, Friday May 14th 5pm <----
***International Day of Mourning/Action for against offshore Oil Drilling***
Wear a burka at a gas station.
Dress up like a bird covered in oil.
Do a "Cease and Desisit" tap dance in front of an oil company HQ.
Get Creative!

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