Friday, September 18, 2009

Tubular Tweed Ride!

It ruled.
People look really good in tweed.
Any the participants were great at doing what we wanted. With smiles.
I couldn't stop smiling.
Mustaches always make for a good time.

Here are some photos I found today: (thanks

Gary Fisher starting the game with the mallet throw:

In action:

The Crowd celebrating the goal:

thanks Russel Daniels

Friday, September 11, 2009


Back from a great week in Nevada. Right back into working it. Run Run.
My wifey in a coma went to Tennessee on saturday.
I missed her departure.
We have been filming short films with the Derailleurs, so I have been starting to think "in movie".
I wanted to have one long shot of Hollis' journey from the room to the airport transport.
I wanted to get everyone who loves her to line the hallway, the elevator, and the exit.
I wanted them to be smiling, standing tall, and maybe whisper-chanting an uplifting phrase.
The night before I left for Burningman, I slept the night in the hospital with her.
I wish I could imagine it very intently, right next to her, and somehow transfer the image into her mind in the form of a memory.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Political Piece on Bike Lane FAIL:

Git ya Shakin' It!
Bicycle Samba:

Dude plays music on a bike pump: