Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Moments That Make a Difference

A tribute to instances that affect our lives.
by Jamie Bond and Eliza Strack

* Today I was walking home and it looked like a 60 year old Italian woman in a wheelchair was spare-changing because of the guy in front of me disregarding her. I walked past prepared to give her an easy dollar in my back pocket. Instead, she was asking to be pushed a block ahead. The sun was shining and I said,"Of course!" I can't imagine why the fellow in front of me passed up the opportunity.
I wheeled her to the dollar store, stopping along the way to bypass a puddle in the walkway. (One of her feet was dragging, and that is what stopped us.) She had us enter the store backwards, as if she did it herself. We didn't talk much, she just thanked me.
When I got home, my roommate instantly asked me if I had just saved someone. I was shocked and asked her why. She said it was the way I jumped up the stairs. I told her she was reading the hologram correctly. -->ES

* Recently, I briefly stopped by a friends house to drop something off. Their kid that was playing in the other room ran out as I was leaving to give me a single tissue for my bike so I would'nt slip because it was raining. So thoughtful. -->JB

* I get a sweet satisfaction with signaling in traffic, on my bike. I have been adding flare to it lately. Taking in the 3 seconds before turning rule, I add a follow through and final flare. Very reminiscent of Fosse. And hold. Lately I have been riding with no hands as much as I can. It's part of my program to become a better German-style bike dancer. At a stoplight recently, while I was practicing my no-hands-geared-bike-trackstand, a fixie rider on the other side of the road congratulated me. I was so thankful to have broken the silence/social stigma barrier of the fixie culture by having one of them acknowledge my existence. I felt like the small bike bubbles this city has were bursting and joining.--->ES

* Last week I was at a local brewpub with my brother enjoying a nice stout beer. Half way through the tasty beverage, I noticed a cute little fruit fly going for a swim. Brave little fellow was'nt the least bit worried about getting swallowed alive by a thirsty giant. He must have known the appropriate glass to pick. I found out that it is proven that fruitflies have alcoholic tendencies. I fished him out and put him on a dry coaster where he shook off and then buzzed away. For the rest of the beer, I marveled at how such a small little fly and someone like me have something in common. -->JB

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