Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hologram

The Hologram: A useful tool for communication and guidance.

The Hologram idea is simple. Every bit of the universe all exists in one point in space and time. If you cut off your finger, the DNA in the amputated part has your whole body's story encoded. The hologram is an information reception practice. Holographic data exist beyond timespace in what some like to call the noosphere, the subconscious, intuition, or even the negaverse.

The holographic universe is becoming more conspicuous to our culture through the use of the internet. Instant communications from far and wide. Knowledge available at the query. The Internet is training us to be able to understand this amount of data.
The Inca believe humanity has been subconscious and will gain full consciousness in the year 2012. This is a delightful thought!

Have you ever called a friend and they picked up as you were dialing because they just called you?
Play with it.

Think fondly of someone for a while, then send them a text. See if they could feel it. Think of a friend and what they are doing at the moment. Then call and ask.
Train yourself to allow the universal knowledge to download. See how many amazing obstacles devoured through the guidance of the hologram.

See what the travel time is from different points. For example, I felt the need to call my sister because she was talking well of me and inquiring how I was doing. So I gave her a call and mentioned my ears were burning. She confirmed that she and our mother were shopping at a store that reminded them of me. It was approximately 30 minutes prior. Sometimes I have received messages hours before the event happens, as it had already played out. A friend relayed to me how this has helped her through difficult discussions.
"I am getting fired? You already fired me and I am already over it."

Dreams. When you get to a point where you are aware of dreaming, have a preset mission you wanted to have happen. Maybe a meetup with another person. If you are both intent on meeting, see if you can achieve that in dream world. See if there are any similarities in dreams.

You will find that once you start playing with this, the effects multiply.
I recommend supplementing your hologram practice with a martial art or Qi Gong practice to attune your body to it's own story, before focusing out.

Send me a holographic ping if you get this. I will try to keep my senses open.

RAD America, RAD World.

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