Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoughts on Chat Roulette

This Saturday Show Me The Pink (my silly named band that is having a reunion) will be broadcasting our show on ChatRoulette. If you are over 16 and can handle accidently seeing human anatomy, come try and find us. Is there any possibility? Can it be done? That is what we are setting out to discover.
This phenom of ChatRoulette has got my mind soaring a thousand miles away. The implications of this is astounding. According to a 30 year study at Princeton, PEAR, people can affect their environmental surroundings. They sat people in front of a random number generator and told them to predict the next number. They found that the ones most successful (yes it can be done-the hologram) were the ones who were full of love. In love with life or someone in particular. So my theory here is that using ChatRoulette, a random chat room generator, we can think who we want to meet with, and succeed. This might take 30 years to fully conquer, but time and development are zooming up faster than we would care to admit.
So if we broadcast a house show with a room full of sweaty, happy people, fresh from an exhilarating day of bicycle battle, you, who may also have bike/show/party love within, could find us if you thought possible.
ChatRoulette is a safe place for any adult social scene. No matter who you are. There is finally a frontier that celebrities, politicians, and creepy dudes can all be face-to-face, in a personal setting, without danger. There is no harm in the facetime, and if there is, NEXT! It is also a good way to take the most objective polls because you have no idea who you will talk to and what they could think. It is a way to wrap your mind around the trends without personal interest in mind. It exposes the raw realness and curiosity of humanity. It is closer to the idea of the hologram and melding dreams with reality. Say you were one of the people that randomly stumbled upon Ben Folds' Concert and 2,000 people were staring at you all of a sudden. Isn't that the most surreal dream-like reality? How can we use this tool to create such a world.

Friday, March 5, 2010