Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nerds On Wheels @ MBW09

Nerds On Wheels was a group that worked the hardest to prepare for MiniBikeWinter09.
They practiced for 7 months to pull off the 35 minute musical parody of The West Side Story featuring the Cockettes and Lame Reaction. This is particularly exciting because they made so much fun of the formerly serious bicycle dance world. The crowd went wild. They said things everyone had thought but couldn't say because the Sprockettes and Chain Reaction are so endearing.
I have a feeling this performance broadened the scope of bicycle performance and has given the licensce to non-dancers to think of new innovations.
The dancing was not synchronized on purpose, except at the end with a stunning rendition of Thriller. They tried to arrange souveniers for the audience, including playbils and pink and black painted condoms with the words Lame Reaction and Cockettes on them. They also made sure that the expiration date was still visible. These kids showed that D.I.Y. talent is rampant and there is no limit to how much fun can be experienced.
They should be performing the show again, because the demand for it was so poular.

Thank you, Nerds On Wheels, for making fun of my life's work and the silly mutated minibikers that congregate in seasons along Cascadia and Greater Rad America!

(These were the only photos I was able to steal from jrydevisuals on Any more photos would be very appreciated.)

For those who are confused about the profundity, check out:
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