Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Hollis

Dear Hollis,
This can't be real. You aren't supposed to be in India. You are supposed to be here, working with the Derailleurs, whipping them into shape. We are supposed to be having a sleepover tonight. All your stuff is still in my room. We were going to be roomates when I came back. We were working on a tall bike duet. I did my homework while I was in Portland. I borrowed a tall bike as the bike I got around on so that I could work out some moves. We were going to wow the bike dance world. You and I aren't afraid to do the crazy moves. We'll get hurt together, it's all for the glory of executing it in front of an audience. The Derailleurs wouldn't be anything without you. You were the professional that pushed us past dilly dallying. You helped us lay out our goals and you gave us that stern face when we would get off topic. You got upset when we weren't pushing ourselves.
The saddest thing about all of this is that I forgot your birthday. What kind of wife am I? You were supposed to be gone before your birthday, so I wrote off your birthday this year. If you can only understand that Valentine's Day was the biggest event of my vacation. It started out with the Ben Hurt Chariot Wars, continued with a musical parody of bicycle dancing, and ended with a cameo in a Sprockettes performance. This day was the culmination of years of work. I know there was a spare second to call you. But I forgot. And I got your drunken message the next day where you were talking in our accent, the accent we speak together. It's a mixture of dirty south and Fargo, don't ya know. You ended the message with, "You suck."
Those were the last words you said to me in person. It kills me.
Ask any of my friends, I am the most birthday-forgetting person ever. But this seems to be pretty bad timing. Well, I don't think you will hold it aginst me. Even though you kidnapped me for my birthday. Your adventure prior to your accident was what you were looking for. I just imagine how happy you were to feel the freedom of a motorbike in a foreign country with the one you love.

If you only knew right now how many people are rooting for you.
You are a fighter. You have rainbows of love and light arching towards you from all over the globe. From Denmark to the Indonesia, from Canada to New Orleans. You have touched so many people. We want the best for you. If you need our strength, we are here and we are at your service. If you need to pass on this world and the cards you've been delt, you have the strength to face that as well. All I can say is that if you wake up, I will be there for you and I will dance with you again. And you are always with me, whatever state you are in. I love you wifey.

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