Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bloody bloody Valentine's Day

Next weekend will be the fifth annual Minibike Winter, a function put on by the two wheeled terrorists, The Zoobombers. Zoobombers have been a crew since 2002, "bombing" the West Hills every Sunday since that August. It began with little bikes because they were one dollar at the Goodwill, and it turned into a cultural phenomenon. They are currently in the last stages of a bicycle rack designed to keep the People's Bike Library Of Greater Portland chained up with more security, safer from looting thieves in the night.
I remember the first minibikewinter. There was an alleykitten race on minibikes, and at the end of the race there was a dance party at The Know before it was a bar. We had some music and there was definitely a naked man running through the crowd with a bandana over his head. At midnight we went to the Alberta Park and played Capture the Flag. We has a huge turnout and the competition was fierce. At about one o'clock, there were two cop cars that started offroading through the park, scattering us like cockroaches in the light.
I am digressing.
What excited me here is the next generation of extreme bikers. I can't wait to see the blood and brawn displayed as the young and the restless obliterate each other in radical rage. These games consist of circles, lines and weapons, in all different configurations. How romantic!

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