Monday, February 12, 2007

My Sprockettes Blog

The Sprockettes are an all-female minibike dance team.
You might think this unusual, but since our inception in June of 2004, there have been four other bike dance teams spring up into existence.

So here's a roster of the synchronized bike dance teams by now:
*The Sprockettes, Portland, OR June 2004
colors: Hot Pink and Black
*The Different Spokes, Portland, OR 2005
colors: all one color, like the brakes.
These guys got together for a performance with the Sprockettes for the N.A.C.C.C. (North American Cycle Courier Championships. They had all kinds of bikes from minis to tallbikes. They performed to Lil' John's "Are you fucking with me" song. That was their only performance.
*The B.C.Clettes, Vancouver B.C. August 2005
colors: Red and Black
*The Brakes, Vancouver B.C. 2006?
colors: Each has their own color (ie. green, yellow, blue, orange, red)
The Velo Vixens, Victoria, B.C. February 2007
colors:Denim and Fishnet

The B.C.Clettes and The Sprockettes on the stage together for the first time @ MC3's Pedal Play bike event.

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TR said...

So I just went to canada the other weekend to scope out the competition. Here is part of a report here you can read the whole thing here

also there are more photos on flickr here