Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have officially been called out as WRONG on the bicycle dancing front.
My "Modern History of Bicycle Dancing" doesn't include , at all, trick bikes and track standers.
While I believe these to be future Olympic Sports, my goal for focusing on the "street style" dancing is because it is a newer phenomenon.
I focus on this sector because it sprung not from years of gymnastics, but from the zeal to express the love for the bicycle. The videos listed below are what I have drawn inspiration. They do not neccessarily prove me wrong, just one sided.

I digitally DARE someone to come up with a trick-bike-gymnastics-inspired bike dancing history.
I would love to see it.

Here is what was written on Craigslist in Washington DC:

Bike dancing is the traditional name for “trick riding” on fixed gear bicycles. It isn’t new, it isn’t from Portland and these German Ballerinas can do it far better then those kids from the Sprokettes.

This blogger is totally wrong…

As is NPR…

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