Monday, April 6, 2009

This Sat. 11th: Lost Vegas @ Cell Space

photo by Scott Beale/ Laughing Squid

From Chicken John:

photo by Tod Seelie

The idea is to take the junk boats to Venice, to this event called the Beinalle. It’s a super high faluton mosters of rock art thing. If your in the Beinalle, you win. I mean, if the Beinalle curates your work. It’s a festival. It happens twice a year. From what I understand, it has destroyed Venice. Venice is now outnumbered 4 to one with regards to tourists to people who live there. They come from all over, and it’s not the jellato. This festival ignores outsider art. Complelty. We are going to crash it, with out boats and our clown show. Like gangstas. What the fuck are they gonna do? Venice, as a city, is bankrupt. Where there once were beautiful squares there are now giant adverts and billboards for Coke and Cell Phone this or that. The disdain for this festival is growing, and I’m happy to help push.

this photo is by Jag, notice how the junk boats look as compared to a $500,000 sailboat? Interesting... this is by Tap And Zee bridge, Hudson. There are 7 junk boats in total, in that mush.

If they impound our boats, they are embracing a $50,000 garbage liability. I’d like to see the cops arrest clowns in front of all the kids. I mean really, what are they gonna do? We’ll fake some paperwork and start making balloon animals. The boats are in Slovenia, in a container. I was scheduled to go there this week and start building. But there is no money. So I booked a fund raiser. It’s this Saturday, at CELL SPACE. Here is a write up. I’m gonna write more about the boat project this week. It’s a busy week in Chicken Land. Pardon the traffic on the list, please…


photo by Scott Beale

The roach decided to stop right there. These 2 guys are trying to encourage the champion racer to continue. It's a great photo...

The RAMP OF DEATH, which is on FUCKING FIRE!!!! Otto Von Danger jumped this ramp. Sure he did. Yea, prove it.

photo by Scott Beale

Lost Vegas is a dysfunctional casino environment with actual games and live entertainment. It’s got all the stuff the real Vegas has, only it’s right here… but only on Saturday April 11th. You get chips, to gamble on the games. There’s a wedding chapel with rings, for short duration marriages. Tango band. Trapeze arielist. The Secret Room where they will be filming the movie “The Sexy” starring the Wink and Yoni show, a washed up Hawaiian lounge band. There is also a photo studio where you can gets your photo taken on a bearskin rug in front of a fire. A Devo cover band that plays lounge versions of all the hits. The Cheese Puffs, Sparkle Motion, The Naked Fire Babes… the list goes on and on ...

Caution Mike snapped this photo of Ben Burke doing his wedding chapel thing in NYC's Lost Vegas hosted by Madagascar Institute.

The games this year:

Cockroach Racing

The wheel of SMUT

Rat Roulette

Quantum Dating Game


Human Wheel of Death



Short duration marriages (with Dr. Hal and Ben Burke)

Live music

Boy rental

All gambling is real. You play with chips, that you cash out for valuable prizes. Ahem. This is less spectacle and more action-oriented. You place the bets! You race the roaches! You spill your drink! It's all about you!!!!

Our headlining performer Otto Von Danger will jump the Ramp of Death (again).

Inside CELL SPACE, Otto will jump (on a real motorcycle) the Ramp Of Death over 20 NAKED CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

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