Friday, April 24, 2009

Slaughterama 2009

Every April Fool's, Richmond VA thrown the most savage mutant bike festival for a week. I have gone every other one since the first one. I was entirely bummed not to go this year because I didn't have a job. Sigh.
I have this faint pink bike tattoo on my wrist from the first event of the first Cycle Slaughterama. Everyone thinks its a stamp. I won it on The Cutthroats team for the 6 pack relay. Awww, memories. The first one took place in a culdesac in Oregon Hill. 100th Monkey Zach dug up his backyard and made a dirt ramp with a volcano fire pit and bleachers and a sky chair. I stayed for a month and the water got shut off the first week I was there. There are so many moments I should write down about my nightingale exploits on the edge of the south.

Slaughterama 6 from Dj Granger on Vimeo.

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