Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome back to West O!

Night I got back from the east my wife kidnapped me and took me to a slanted bar on Oakland Harbor. Home of Jack London er something.
Faces kept filing in, two by two. What a wonderful feeling. I realized the family I have here is older than the amount of time I have lived here. Such beings.
Then we went for a sleepover at Donna Wood's house. On our way there we passed, or rather they passed us, a scraper car rally. They had the matching fatty rims with the little thin tires and hella painted out and busting some jams and squealing and squirming all over the place. There were 8 scrapers and 2 minivans. It was just like in TrealTV with MacDre.
Then I found out that the police pulled a male rape suspect out of our basement while nobody was home and knocked down our fence. They didn't tell us until two days later when we called them about some wierd noises coming from the abandoned, burned out house next door.
That's when they informed us what had happened two days prior and how they had peep holes to watch our movement. Welcome back to West O!

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