Thursday, May 29, 2008

sidewalk rage

It's been about 8 months now since I have commuted on my 'lil pink skateboard. I have gotten the zen of the motion, the carving downhills, even practicing my kung fu stance while cruising. I feel very at home, can stop on a dime, but sure as hell can't ollie worth a damn. My friend at ArtNowSF thought I was a big ol' lesbian because of my buff arms and my skatephillic lifestyle. Many people get me confused here is gaysville. I guess it doesn't help that I call Hollis my wifey, a glorified term for BFF.This fact might make me look like I belong to different subculture than
I do. I am not aware if I am a punk ass skater chick like the textbook
case. I guess it might appear this way. But I digress. A few days ago I
was getting off work, one block away, scooting down the sidewalk on a
deserted 20th street. I pass this fellow, a girthy cholo and his "maybe had a past in meth because of the slow twitch" lady. I must have penetrated a three foot
personal bubble because he yelled at me to get in the street, that it
was illegal to skate on the sidewalk. I informed him that it's illegal
to skate in the street too. Sorry, this is much safer on a mostly
deserted sidewalk. Gruff voiced chick says,"She'll listen when she gets
a ticket, then she'll listen." As I push on I hear a thick pounding
behind me and dude is running. "I'm going to push you off and throw you
into the street you piece of trash! This shit wouldn't happen on Haight Street." Oh dear.
He gets closer and I jump the curb, dodging any oncoming traffic. He
stops. I think he just wanted to tell someone what to do. I looked back
at him from a safe distance and told him that I was sorry if he had any
problems with skaters in the past but I try to be respectful and I
watch out for old ladies too. I wish I had stopped and turned around,
maybe used some of my kung fu to deflect any punches he might throw and
make a 250 pound fool out of him. Nah. I just skated into the sunset
and worked on getting this heart from beating too fast. I don't need
physical stress from some vato with anger surrounding him. That's his deal.

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