Thursday, May 29, 2008

New: The HELL NO!!! Awards

I think I will periodically say:
at things that be trifilin'.

Today's issues:

HELL NO! Shell is not doing anything to better the environment.
Dow Industries is not going to lower the atmospheric temperature.
Buying a motha fucking hybrid SUV is NOT going to save your ass from lack of oxygen in the goddam air.

2012: Bad Apocalypse

HELL NO! Let's change the status quo
with this one. I know all you cute little crusty kids and earth lovers
have been thinking that 2012 is the time when the earth will go into
shock and die. Or open it's mouth and swallow us. Turn that frown
upside down. Although it might be something out of the ordinary
doldrums of your job, life, box living, it is not something to bet on.
I have a solution. Hows about the full formation of Rad America? All
the good ideas and meaningful people getting together to reclaim our
stolen land. My genius friendLBC says, "Evil only wins when the good doesn't do anything about it." Let's have a festival (said in a lisp)! RADPALOOZA 2012! Four more years to get some real hyphy
bands and what not. When you think of 2012 you will look forward to the
great summer long party instead of electricity turning on us and robots
using us for batteries. Let's make it a goal that by 2012 we are well
into our new renaissance and the whole black/woman president thing
calmed down the nuclear weapons pointed at our heads. Or whence the country is suffering from zombies and dollar bill toilet paper, we are out on a secret island having a generator show that you needed a hot air baloon to get to so we could drop off the counter RADicals into the sharks food bowl. We need some real positivity people. Let's carebear stare a nice little nest for the RAD this upscoming apocalypse.

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