Friday, January 28, 2011

Freak Bike Cabaret
Feb. 11th 2011 8pm $7
Bay Area Derailleurs
at Cyclecide Swearhouse 1660 Jerrold at 3rd
San Francisco

Bike Dance?
An International Phenomenon?

Bicycles are infiltrating everything from t-shirt design to sports like bike polo. The bike has become such a part of our everyday life that it is becoming a part of our art. Yes folks, your local bikedance team, The Derailleurs, are a group of dangerous athletes combining bikes and dance in an internationally competitive setting. They are your key to the underground world of peg bruises and team colors. Street-style bikedance began in Portland ,OR in 2004 with The Sprockettes and that is where they are returning for a bikedance summit. Derailleurs will be meeting up with The Sprockettes, B.C.Clettes, as well as the new team from Chicago, The Racketeers. In fact there are 15 bikedance teams from Canada to England to Japan. Basically The Derailleurs are at the forefront of a new movement, and we might possibly be the best in the world. One of the founders of the Derailleurs was also a formative Sprockette. Team Teal is returning to the birthplace for an epic showdown. The competition is both sisterly and fierce. There is an amazing culture that is thriving right under your nose and you might not have known about it. San Francisco, we want to represent you and make sure the world knows that the Bay Area knows how to bikedance.

To arrange such a journey, The Derailleurs and Friends are throwing an epic warehouse cabaret party.

Come to our soire and see how our zeal for the wheel has true sex appeal.

The awesome line-up:

*The Nerv – driving femme agitpunk.

*Thee Hobo Gobbelins – otherworldly steampunk porch jams

*Dj 0.000001 (aka Th’Mole)- quirky deep bass booty shakers'mole
*The Can Cannibals- grotesque burlesque


Kissing Booth

Sponsored by Bottom of the Hill, Ube’s Ice Cream Shop, Dying Vines Brewery, Ritual Coffee, Mission Bicycles, Box Dog Bikes, and more.


We started an IndieGoGo page, similar to Kickstarter, to complete our travels. Indigogo gives all of the money even if you don’t make the goal, minus some admin fees. You are able to prepay for tickets or send an in-kind donation towards our journey.

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