Friday, March 14, 2008

Hood translations of the news.

Street conversion of the news.
And today in news: New York governor dude fucks $4,000 hoes and leaves an email trail.Other suitn’ties say its not that bad a crime ’cus they do it too. Dude is toe up because earlier he was mister clean and narrow and he went an upped the penalty for John’s busted purchasing tail. And he be using New Yorkers money. $80,000 damn. I could go to college and learn some knowledge wit dat. Imagine all the chron you could get. Irony sunk his battleship. Then the elections in Florida needed to be recounted again. Trifilin’! In other news the nation goes vegan after shocking video scandal shows fools twisting tails and shoving "downed" cows too weak to stand into the slaughter line. The poor vatos have to work all day killing things. Thug life por vida, S.A. Beef stock goes down as footage of blasted patties pile into the recalled dumpster. Can we get Fodd Not Bombs on the phone? Oh yeah, and military leader high in the homie squad quits because he doesn’t want beef with Iran. He couldn’t wait one more year. My cousin Jesse has to wait one more year to get out a the pen. Go git yo’self some mo’ gold chains cuz the dolla dropped like it wasn’t so hot. Lowest against that fine, sophisticated ass of the euro. Start burying some food and clippin’ your gats if yaddamean peace out.

143 Million pounds of beef have been recalled. Then I saw this from Johnny Payphone:
Cow Jumping

How did we get so twisted?

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