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2012 conference info:

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WHAT: 2012 Conference San Francisco. A weekend intensive with the top authorities on 2012, who have deeply explored the various themes and aspects. Includes panels, lectures, sacred Maya and Q'uero ceremonies, think-tank insight sessions on sustainability, film premieres plus more
WHO: Leaders in the burgeoning 2012 movement; regarded scholars, thinkers, philosophers and
best selling authors such as Dr.Alberto Villoldo, Daniel Pinchbeck, Sharron Rose, Jay Weidner, John Major Jenkins, Rev. Brian Keneipp of The Aetherius Society, James O'Dea of IONS, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira, Rick Levine, Dannion Brinkley, Mike Bara and James V. Hardt Ph.D.
Presented by Sacred Mysteries Live
Sponsored by Harmony Festival, Reality Sandwich, Ancient Visions, TOSA Center, Institute of Noetic Sciences, East West, Sounds true
WHERE: Fort Mason Cenference Center, San Francisco, Ca. 94115
WHEN: October 31st, November 1st & November 2nd, 2008
INFO: (800) 984-0897 /
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The United States and the world are finding themselves at extraordinary crossroads with the way life is presently unfolding. High energy prices and the Housing meltdown have created a shock to the system that is only icing on the cake. Strange anomalies such as floods in the mid-west, disappearing Bee's seem to bring a daily steady stream of doomsday scenarios to Americans as our once solid outlooks move into very shaky ground. But what some view as 'uncharted territory', others see as a 'Great Shift,' as ancient prophecies unfolding in real time.
Throughout history, humanity has looked to chronological signposts to help us predict and make order of the universe. Perhaps the greatest signpost of the past millennium, revealed by the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar, is 2012. On November 1st and 2nd at Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco Bay, the 2012 Conference will show that many ancient cultures, such as the Maya, the Q'uero Elders and the Hopi Indians, all point concurrently to 2012 as a year of dramatic change.
What will this change be? How can the average person prepare themselves and make sense of this Great Shift? The presenters of the 2012 Conference are offering an entire weekend with a collection of expert scholars and thinkers who have extensively explored the fields of spiritual, health and historical analysis in relation to 2012. Critical analysis of present and ancient cultures, sustainability dialogues and an array of interactive 'think-tank' sessions plus sacred Maya and Q'uero ceremonies, will be offered to the 300 participants choosing to be leaders at the forefront of this destined shift of the ages.
In March nearly 1000 people converged in Hollywood, Ca. for the first 2012 Conference. The sold out event was featured by the local Fox News affiliate(available on youtube) plus in a feature story in The Los Angeles Times. 2012 has become a subject matter people all over the world are fascinated with. Films such as the latest Indiana Jones, the upcoming X-Files sequel and Roland Emmerich's 2012 are delving into the paranormal phenomena.
We're at fifty-one months and counting until Dec. 21st, 2012. This Conference is for you, especially if you've ever wondered about the world that's coming, just four years from now.

Why? Because..Shift Happens

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Capsule biographies of the lecturers and panelists follow:

Dr.Alberto Villoldo is a Cuban American medical anthropologist and psychologist who has studied and practiced
shamanism in the Andes and the Amazon for more than two decades. His books include Courageous Dreaming, Shaman, Healer, Sage, The Four Insights, Dance of the 4 Winds: Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel.

Daniel Pinchbeck is the best-selling author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head. He is the Editor of Reality Sandwich and is featured prominently as a leader in the new counter-culture movement.

John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. John has authored dozens of books including: Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, The Mystery of 2012.

Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa are considered foremost authorities on Atlantis and Archangelic communications. Best selling authors, columnists, radio personalities & Master Avesa Quantum Healers, the authors of Sacred Union: The Journey Home, and 2012: You Have a Choice.

James O'Dea is the President of the prestigious Institute of Noetic Sciences, an active member of The World Wisdom Council and has essays published in numerous magazines and books including The Mystery of 2012 and Consciousness and Healing.

Sharron Rose - MA. Ed, is an author, filmmaker and Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in World Mythology Dance and Theatre,Writer/director of the feature length documentaries 2012:The Odyssey and Timewave 2013 and a producer of the Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection.

Dannion Brinkley is the international best selling author of the Saved by the Light, drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters. Dannion's expertise in the area of death and dying has educated millions not to fear the presently held concept of transition from this world to the next. As a result of his journeys to the 'other side' and back again, he brings to the forefront the wondrous truth that there is indeed no such thing as death.

Jay Weidner - author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar. He is the producer of the documentary films: 2012: The Odyssey and Timewave 2013 and director of Secrets of Alchemy: The Great Cross and the End of Time, and the Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection. Frequent contributor to numerous History Channel presentations.

Mike Bara - co-author with Richard Hoagland of the NY Times best-seller Dark Mission: Secret History of NASA, Bara brings his experience as an aerospace engineer in tetrahedral physics to the Conference and its connection to 11:11 phenomenon and ultimately its connection to the Mayan Calendar.

Rick Levine is a renowned astrologer, astrological scholar and author, Rick is an active voice in the global Astrology community, giving seminars around the world. For all of us, he shares a special gift for bridging the gaps between Astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart.

Rev.Brian Keneipp is the Executive Director of The Aetherius Society, founded by Dr. George King. The Society continues to use the tools and wisdom given to Earth through Dr. King to help heal and raise humanity to better understand and weather the approaching shift. The Twelve Blessings – a mystic text given to mankind in this Aquarian age – is an essential tool to help us evolve and withstand the heightened vibrations that will come as The Mother Earth changes.

Just added WILLIAM HENRY, author of "Revelation 2012" and Host with Whitley Strieber of the radio show Dreamland.

and more....

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