Friday, November 18, 2011

I just got back from Twitter

Whew! (Out of breath)

I just got back from Twitter.
Some of you have expressed an interest in knowing what goes on more in-depth, so here is what my frenetic thumbs found on the way through a tunnel on BART in the past 72 hrs.

Let's start off slow and easy.
Denver man pulled over and ticketed for honking 2-3 times in support of Occupy.
Election cycle honking is allowed though.

Politicians are getting their speeches pre-empted with resonant Mic Check's.
Gov. Scott Walker was the first of the trend. Just look at the senile clapping and sound confusion of suits so used to having silence when desired, unable to attain it this time.

For more, SEE ALSO:
Pres. Candidate Michele Bachmann:
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor:
Carl Rove chanting "No You're not!":

The Chamber of Commerce is the funniest one because the security guard gets real personal but these ladies are not going to stop until the message is out! Watch the laps the last lady does!

Now it's old news, but Seattle Police pepper sprayed an 84 year-old woman.
Your homework is to watch all nine minutes because this is your new role model and inspiration. Dorli Rainey. Say it again and commit to memory.

OccupyCAL students used their brain power to occupy the third dimension: SPACE!

A police tank was sighted in Tampa,FL.
Wait, WHAT?!! a Police TANK?!
To see the surreptitious Declaration of War:

The two month-aversary was Nov. 17th. 48 hours earlier at 1am the NYPD gave protestors ten minutes to get out of the park. Then came in an piled all of Liberty Plaza in a bulldozable pile.
All media was kettled far away and the CBS news helicopter was told to ground as the "sanitation" began. Reporters with NYPD press passes were denied access AND arrested.
Confirmed reports of press returning from jail and their phone and video have been erased.

A friend of mine was arrested for reaching for her ID when a cop asked. Her infraction was standing on a sidewalk.

A man was kicking barricades and lost some teeth and blood over it. WARNING: BLOOD and SUFFERING. *On a serious note, you can see the blood trickling and his eyes rolling back and confused. This is a head trauma that shouldn't be treated in a handcuffed, dragged-by-police type of way.

On a lighter note, NYC City Council was outraged by the attacks of freedom. See this letter:

100 people were arrested in San Francisco for setting up a tent in the Bank of America.
In my mind they sang songs around a campfire of money in perfect harmony. I didn't see any guitars in the pictures, and I think that any songs sung would sound like a drunk frat choir, but alas, my mind can wander.

And, since all of this is happening minute by minute, I must be quick. I am missing out on other developments. I will leave you on the most confusing note of all. Hot cop on cop action.
Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis in his clean blues:!/OccupyWallStNYC/status/137140064651198465/photo/1
Why ever would he be detained? For screening? To launder him for money?
The crowd makes me feel uncomfortable. If only they knew what was going on at the time. I can imagine how it must look to FINALLY see a cop pulled away for some sort of heinous grievance. I think they call that justice. I would have cheered too.
But this is actually the opposite where they pull this man through a cattle run and tag his ears for monitoring and other invasive scare tactics.
His disappointment on his face just hurts me. He is one of the few brave to stand up in uniform and be counted with the rest, and his arrest is cheered. I think the Twitterverse is supporting him now, not speaking of this faux-pas that has come to pass.

He is on Twitter. Maybe I should go apologize for NYC protestors. It's in the next tab.
I got some snooping to do.
Hope you enjoyed this update of choice news.

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