Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bikedance is on the way up!

I must tell you that we are making an International Bikedance Team Coloring Book!

There are many teams that have entered their flavor. All shall be represented.
It is a Movement yet you might not have heard of it.
For the first time ever, the female sport sweeping the nation is BIKEDANCE!
Generation X look out, we've got a fourthwave of all in kind of ladies and it's time they got their respect!
Teams all over Pangea have decided BIKEDANCE RULES and they are telling you why!

Check out their shows:
The Sprockettes
Different Spokes
The BCClettes
The Brakes
The VeloVixens
Chain Reaction
Vertical Momentum
The Derailleurs
Bicycle Belles
Bottom Brackettes
Les Velobici
The Greasy Gears
Heelz on Wheelz
The Racketeers

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