Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old (like 2 weeks ago) writings:

Because I want to document this process, I want to keep some of the writings that erupted out my fingers these past few weeks. It's been all of what I have been doing, and here's a taste.

march 7th 2009
Fund raising efforts:
Hollis' story has been circulated far and wide through emails and blogs, as well as two cover stories in the Times of India and The Hindu. Local coverage of the incident has been minimal, and we are looking to expand the scope of information. The website has been a successful tool for information and donations through the paypal button. This week there are four benefit shows planned in three cities. New York City, Portland, and San Francisco are throwing shows and art auctions to raise funds toward our goal of $200k. This money will go towards air transport and medical costs accrued in the past and future.
As her goal in India was to seek a yoga teacher, many Yoga establishments in the bay area and beyond have also set up yoga fundraisers, an alternative to the nightlife option of support. As we stand today, close to 1500 people have donated on paypal, as well as 50 people who have sent checks to the bank account set up for her. We are nearing $70,000 raised through these efforts, but we still have further to go.
As the website administrator and paypal account holder, I have been receiving thousands of emails from around the world expressing well wishes to Hollis. One of every 15 emails expresses the fact that the donator does not even know Hollis, but they have been moved by the story or received multiple emails from trusted community members urging their support. Her story is truly unique in the fact that her base community in the Bay Area consists of artists and activists with limited funds, but big hearts. Her dedicated work in the community has inspired many people to reach out a helping hand, no matter their personal finance situations. The most amazing thing about this terrible situation is the sheer amount of quick actions and the volunteers that have stood forward to be counted in her recovery. It has been a testimonial to the power of the internet and the dedication of her community to provide her with the monetary insurance she is not able to afford in our current economy.
Her story is a study about the viral quickness of the internet community as well as a study of an alternative economic abilities of the world wide web. Her story highlights the catalyst of caring that has caused so many people to organize and throw parties in her honor. No matter the outcome of her situation, the community around her is feeling a sense of responsibility and outward giving that makes our entire world a better place.

We are looking to close the gap on our financial goal, as well as secure airplane help to lower the cost of transportation in order to put more of the money donated to her long term recovery plan. We are working against the clock to get her to Stanford where state-of-the-art neuroscience is waiting. Her community is also anxious to lend a helping hand at her bedside, pledging delicate stimuli, songs, flowers, and kisses on the cheek to encourage her to wake.

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