Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A week into the bay.

Here I am a week deep in the new bay life.
I finally spent the whole day organizing every drawer and setting things up.
The vacation has ended and now I am on Craig's list looking for a good ol' job.
As per my goal of lraning how to get Hyphy (don't know? here's the link.) I picked up an energy drink in my local ghetto corner store called, "Hyphy" Grapple Flavored. That's right, Grape and Apple. I also purchased another one called " Mac Dre Hunid Racks" and I don't think I will open it. I think I need to save that one. It's all psycaldeleic and groovy.
I got a chance to see the whole bay from the top of the tallest building in Berkley. The view was the whole spectrum of the bay area. Oakland to SF to the Golden Gate to Marin and all the way down to the southern bridge. I felt like Simba looking out over the new sparkling kingdom. The tall dinosaur loading cranes at the docks, the hundreds of little white triangles having a saturday blast chasing each other around Alcatraz. "Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away!" The silver snake of vehicles, creeping throught the tall building grass. Breathtaking. When your rollerskating through, it's a bit grittier.
I took an eight wheeled spin to Berkley on monday. What an interesting place. It's filled with, a Shanzini puts it, Limosine Liberals, and college students. I am still on the search for the sick slick of pavement for an afternoon skate.
Spent last Thursday checking out some art galleries. Fixed a flat tire in twelve minutes. The geese have made it down from Portland and are flying above.
Ate an El Salvadorian burrito. Drank a few too many whiskey sours with the king fu family. Found a black jean skirt with gold and diamond bling on it. Caught a football that the neighbor kids were passing as I was riding my bike past. Those are three kids who won't be mugging me later. Gotta work on the rest of the neighbors now. The first day we got here my neighbor was worried as we were backing out the big ol' Budget truck that we would hit his Escalade with Muslim Masonic symbols all over it. He pointed to this tree in front of his house and said, "See that tree, that's for hanging white people." That kind of sucked. But according to Shanzini, that's how she finds the house, the white people hanging tree.
That's the last week in a nutshell.
More as the story develops.
Oh yeah. Shanon and I have a performance art gig!
On the 15th we will be doing two interpretive dance numbers throughout her friend, the fabulous Jack, piano set. He plays jams by Phil Collins, Journey, The Bengals etc. You get the idea. It will be alot like the time a few members of The Sprockettes secret sect, dance team elite, performed the last song for the last show of Team Dresch. We ended the set by crawling off the stage and slithering into the crowd. Along those lines. I'll tell you all about it!!

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